How Old Is The Bomb RSA? Andiswa Selepe Surgery Age Boyfriend & Net Worth

Who is The Bomb RSA? Meet Her On Instagram

Who is The Bomb RSA? Meet Her On Instagram

You can meet Andiswa Selepe, aka The Bomb RSA, on Instagram, where she has 1 million followers now.

Andiswa Selepe is a social media personality. Apart from just Instagram, we can find her on other social media like Twitter (17.1 thousand followers), TikTok (264.7 thousand followers), and YouTube (35.9 thousand subscribers).

How Old Is The Bomb RSA? Her Age Revealed

Currently, The Bomb RSA’s age is just 17 years. She was reportedly born on April 11, 2003.

According to GH Gossip, Andiswa Selepe was just 16 years old when she came into the spotlight. What most girls are envious of is the back part of Andiswa’s body. But, it’s quite surprising cause she is too young to have such an amazing body.

Did Andiswa Selepe Undergo Surgery?

Many believe that Andiswa Selepe underwent surgery to fix her body. That’s just a random thought, as Andiswa has not revealed anything about it until now.

Generally, people envy her body, but it’s indeed quite impossible to have such a body at such a young age. Since she is too young to undergo surgery, we can be assured that she is a natural beauty.

Meet Her Boyfriend DJ Melzhi

Andiswa Selepe is popular for bring DJ Melzhi‘s partner, who is a popular musical artist. From her Instagram account, we have come to know that she calls herself Mrs. Melzi.

They have certainly not married cause the legal age of marriage in South Africa is 18 years. Talking more about DJ Melzhi, he has released some amazing songs, including Bayekele, Isdliso, La Melza, etc.

Right now, we have no idea about Andiswa’s parents and siblings. Well, she has earned this fame all by herself, all thanks to her body!

Her Net Worth Explored

The Bomb RSA’s net worth has not been updated. Her major source of income is modeling and social media advertisements.

We are unaware if she has her own merch or not. Currently, we can’t find social media influencer on Wikipedia.

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