How Old is Twitch Streamer Calebhart42? Age, Girlfriend And Net Worth

Calebhart42: Get To Know The Streamer

Calebhart42: Get To Know The Streamer

Calebhart42 is a popular fitness streamer and speedrunner Twitch Star. He is also known for being the best Mega Man X player in the world. He runs other games such as Pokémon Blue, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Metroid, Ninja Gaiden Black, Mega Man X2, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Super Mario 64, Earthbound.

He started to create content on Youtube after watching other Youtubers. His original stream was called ‘SuperMetroidgalaxy’. His channel is mostly focused on Mega Man content and Final Fantasy. It is also mixed with funny highlights and vlogs.

CalebHart42 has landed himself in several controversies throughout the years. This involves vandalism, using racial slurs, slip-ups, and many more. He has also been accused of sexual harassment at SGDQ 2019.

Quick Facts: Calebhart42: Get To Know The Streamer

Name Calebhart42
Birthday 23rd April
Age 24
Gender Male
Nationality Finnish
Profession Twitch Star
Instagram calebhart42
Twitter calebhart42

10 Fun Facts About Calebhart42

  1.  Calebhart42’s real name is Caleb Hart although he doesn’t use this name on social media platforms.
  2.  The Twitch star’s current age is 24. His birthday on the 23rd of April.
  3.  Caleb joined Twitter in July 2012 and has over 18.4k followers on it.
  4.  Caleb Hart makes around $8,875 per month from Twitch excluding tiered subscriptions, sponsorships, his team salary, and tips. His net worth still hasn’t been disclosed.
  5.  He does not talk about his dating life as much so we don’t know if he has a girlfriend at present.
  6.  Calebhart42’s Instagram bio says Twitch streamer, gym rat, and cook. He has 68.2k followers and is quite active on Instagram.
  7.  Hart has 181K followers on Twitch and over 410k hours of views. 
  8.  Calebhart42 was banned on Twitch after showing racist language on stream in April 2019. He was in the middle of streaming on April 18, 2019, when a message containing a racial slur pulled up.
  9. His Youtube channel has 34.5k subscribers which he joined on February 22, 2013, and has 7 million views on it.
  10. Caleb’s Reddit was created on August 2, 2014, and includes all the raging and other events that go on in his streams. 

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