How Old Is Victory Brinker AGT? Age Parents And Birthday

How Old Is Victory Brinker AGT? Age Parents And Birthday

How Old Is Victory Brinker AGT? Age Parents And Birthday

Victory Brinker won Golden Buzzer and a standing ovation at AGT. Brinker despite being 9 years of age is a star on the rise.  

Victory is a young opera singer. She impressed all the judges and audiences as she auditioned at AGT 2021.

Victory Brinker AGT Age: How Old Is She?

Victory Brinker’s age is 9 years old.

Brinker has her birthday celebrations on February 6 each year. Besides, the talented singer was born in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

Interestingly, Victory was just 2 years of age when she started singing. On the other hand, she was involved in classical music after reaching 6 years old.

Brinker has always dreamt of performing in front of a big audience since her childhood. And, no doubt she has started to fulfill her dreams in the very early days of her life.

As a matter of fact, Victory is being homeschooled at the moment. Similarly, she loves watching reality shows and listening to music as a kid. Also, she is a fan of traveling and songwriting too.

Victory Brinker AGT Parents – Meet Her Family

Victory Brinker’s parents are Eric and Christine Brinker.

Meanwhile, Brinker has 10 siblings in her family. One of her older brothers is named Issac. Not much is known regarding the identities of her other siblings.

Not to mention, Victory lives with her father and mother in Latrobe. She says her parents and family have been always supportive since her childhood. Also, her big family was her first audience.

But we do not have the details regarding the profession of Brinker’s father and mother. 

Find Victory Brinker on Instagram 

Victory Brinker is on Instagram as @victorybrinker.official. 

Brinker calls herself The Tiny Opera Singer on her Instagram bio. In fact, she has earned over 5.2 thousand followers on the social media platform.

In addition, Victory is among the active users of the social media handle. Her first post dates back to July 2018.

Victory Brinker AGT Wikipedia

Victory Brinker is an AGT Season 16 performer.

Brinker does not have a Wikipedia page as of now. She is a talented and rising star. Many sources on the internet cover her bio.

Interestingly, Victory won the Golden Buzzer at AGT 2021. Also, all the judges gave her a standing ovation.

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