How Rich Is NBA Star from Minnesota Lynx WNBA? 2019

Maya Moore Net Worth & Salary 2020: How Rich Is NBA Star from Minnesota Lynx WNBA?
Maya Moore Net Worth & Salary 2020: How Rich Is NBA Star from Minnesota Lynx WNBA?

Athletes are known to have an extravagant lifestyle and when you come from WNBA, possibly you have a great deal of fortune. These days, most of the fans of this WNBA star Maya Moore are curious about her net worth. The American professional basketball player is an award-winning player who plays as a forward for Minnesota Lynx of WNBA.

Anyone who is a regular viewer of WNBA would know how big of a name is Maya Moore as a sportsperson. As big as the name is in any profession, the greater the income will be. Just take an example, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are among the biggest names in football history and you all might be aware of their huge earnings and net worth, aren’t you?

By the age of 31, Maya Moore has been able to amass a net worth of $150 thousand. Over a career span of nearly a decade, Moore gradually climbed to the top of her play, making some reasonable earnings along the way. Here are some details about the WNBA star’s net worth, earnings, endorsements, and lifestyle.

Maya Moore Net Worth 2020: How Rich Is WNBA Star from Minnesota Lynx WNBA?

Undoubtedly, Maya Moore is one of the biggest names in women’s basketball. When it comes to net worth and fortune, Maya has done a commendable job amassing a colossal sum of $150 thousand, as of 2020. So, as of 2020, we could say Maya Moore has a net worth of $150 thousand.


Maya is worth thousands of US dollars and is one of the biggest stars in WNBA at present. Still, there is nothing flashy or a celebrity like about the basketball player. She was born to normal working parents; father Michael Dabney and mother Kathryn Moore. And was raised like any normal kids along with her two sisters, Olivia Dabney and Ashley Dabney.

She who started from ground level and managed thus far really should understand the value of success. Looking at Maya Moore one would be hard-pressed to call her the star she is. Even with a net worth of $150 thousand, Maya lives a simple life. The WNBA star from Minnesota Lynx is not only rich but generous, at the same time.

How much is Maya Moore’s earnings in 2020? Salary Details

Athletes make most of their fortune through their salary. And when it comes to Maya Moore, we have to apply the same principle. Compared to NBA players, WNBA stars are paid very less. But if we look within WNBA, Maya Moore is one of the highest-earning WNBA stars.

The 6 feet tall basketball player makes $60 thousand per year from salary. As per her Wikipedia bio, her annual salary at Minnesota Lynx in 2012 was $45 thousand. 

Drafted in the year 2011, Maya was one of the top prospects of the draft. She made around $59,500 during her first season in WNBA. From 2012 to 2015, Moore played in the Chinese league. The lady earned approximately $600 thousand while playing in Cina for nearly four years.

As a top dog of WNBA, Maya Moore could also be making a lot of money through endorsement deals and sponsorships. Unfortunately, there are not any details regarding Maya’s endorsement deals in the media.

Maya Moore Houses, Cars & Properties in 2020

With a net worth of $150 thousand and an annual income of $60 thousand, one could live a luxurious life. For Maya, she could find her luxury inexpensive houses, cars, and properties like many athletes do. But, she does not seem to enjoy the extravagant lifestyle.

The four-time WNBA champion could have houses or cars worth millions. It would be a piece of cake for her to have a mouth-watering property. But, she has chosen to live a simple life and not flash her lifestyle in the media.

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