How Rich Is The ViacomCBS CEO?

Bob Bakish Net Worth And Salary 2021: How Rich Is The ViacomCBS CEO?

Bob Bakish Net Worth And Salary 2021: How Rich Is The ViacomCBS CEO?

Bob Bakish Net Worth And Salary 2021: How rich is the ViacomCBS CEO? Here’s all about his economy.

Bob Bakish is a well-known American business executive. Since December 4, 2019, he has been considered to be the President and CEO of ViacomCBS. Even before Viacom and CBS Corporation got merged, he had been serving as Viacom‘s CEO.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he is also a board member at Avid. From 1989 to 1990, he served in the management team of Management Dynamics. Moreover, he worked as the vice-president of Booz Allen Hamilton for almost 7 years.

Bob Bakish Net Worth Revealed

Reports from Wallmine suggest that Bob Bakish’s net worth is $16.2 million.

He owns over $15.9 million worth of stock of Avid Technology.

Apart from that, we can confirm that he earns nearly $192.6 thousand working at Avid. Talking about his position at ViacomCBS, he has already made $23.9 million in compensation.

Probably, he has spent most of the sum on donations and other personal use. His exact expenditure details are unavailable at the moment.

What Is Bob Bakish Salary In 2021?

The exact Salary of Bob Bakish in 2021 is unknown.

We believe the information is under survey and will be revealed soon.

However, Salary has revealed that Bob’s Salary in 2019 was $3 million. From the above-mentioned $23.9 million, he received $7.9 million as a bonus and received nearly $5 million in stock options.

Furthermore, he was awarded $8 million as stock, and he earned nearly $79 thousand from other types of compensation.

How Rich Is The ViacomCBS CEO?

Having $23.9 million in compensation shows how rich ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish is.

At the age of 57 years, he has had a successful career.

Philippe Dauman was the ex-CEO of Viacom, who has a net worth of over $300 million. Comparing his net worth with Bob, it’s obvious that Dauman is way richer than him. However, Bakish’s earnings have indeed led him to live a comfortable lifestyle.

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