How Tall Is Dr Matthew Paradise Height? Is Dr Paradise A Dwarf?

Is My600lb Life Dr Matthew Paradise A Dwarf? Height Explored

Is My600lb Life Dr Matthew Paradise A Dwarf? Height Explored

A popular psychotherapist Dr. Matthew Paradise has been gaining attention for his height. Is he dwarf?

Dr. Mathew Paradise is an individual, family, and group psychotherapist located in Montrose in Houston, Texas. He offers site support and consultation as well as teletherapy to clients located remotely via voice and video chats.

Moreover, Dr. Matthew is a featured therapist on TLC’s My 600 lb Life and a host of DeCoupling: Group Therapy with Dr. Paradise Podcast.

Dr Matthew Paradise Height: Is He Dwarf?

Dr. Matthew Paradise has an average height and is not dwarf. 

People on Reddit discussed his height after watching his patient at about 5 feet 4 inches tall towering over him on the recent episode. Ever since then, everyone is assuming him as a dwarf.

However, as our approximation, he seems to be around 5 feet tall and certainly is not dwarf. 

As for Dr. Matthew’s age, he seems to be not less than 40 and not more than 45, as per our assumption. 

Who Is Dr. Matthew’s Partner?

There is no reliable information on Dr. Matthew’s partner or wife till now.

He seems to be more focused on his professionalism; hence, he has just let his professional details be revealed on the web.

As a matter of fact, he has his own website, where there’s a short bio about his career and his podcast schedule. 

However, deets regarding his family is not mentioned anywhere. 

How Much is His Net Worth?

Dr. Matthew definitely has a substantial amount net worth of being a reputable therapist.

His primary source of income is from his office that provides services to individuals and groups regarding family conflict and miscommunication, social struggle, depression, emotional dysregulation, and so on.

Moreover, being a featured therapist on TLC’s show My 600 lb life and hosting his own therapy podcasts has undoubtedly earned him a fortune. 

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