How Tall is Maci Currin? Height, Age, Tiktok, Instagram, Bikini

How Tall is Maci Currin? Facts on Tiktok Star’s Height

How Tall is Maci Currin? Facts on Tiktok Star’s Height

Maci Currin is a TikTok content creator who became quite a known face in the social media platform after disclosing her height details. The Instagram/Tiktok model Maci also earned the title of the tallest teen. The TikTok star Maci Currin stands at the height of 6 feet and 10 inches which is mind-blowing.

Name Maci Currin
Birthday 2003
Age 17 years
Gender Female
Height 6 Feet 10 inches
Profession TikTok star
Instagram _maci.currin_
Twitter daddygiraffe

Maci Currin also posts dancing videos on TikTok and she openly talks about mental health. Maci Currin uploads the content in her own style. Maci also remates trending TikTok videos in her own style by adding a bit more humor. 

10 Facts on Maci Currin

  1. Maci Currin is a TikTok/ Instagram model that became popular after creating stunning TikTok videos.
  2. The Instagram model is very active on Instagram with Instagram handle _maci.currin_ where she is having 56K followers which is incredible.
  3. Everyone went crazy on the internet after Maci revealed her height and her photo. She was featured on numerous blogs and sites.
  4. Moving on to her age, Maci Currin is just at the age of 17. At such a young age, she is all set to break the world by showcasing the longest female legs and longest teenage legs.
  5. The Instagram model Maci Currin is available on TikTok with the username dadddygiraffe. To date, Maci Currin is boasting 1.5K followers.
  6. The first Tiktok of Maci Currin was titled “The Tall friend” which was viewed by 12k users. In that video, she discussed the problems of a tall girl.
  7. No detailed information has been passed regarding the parent’s information of Maci Currin. On a TikTok, Maci mentioned that her mother stands at a height of 5 feet and 7 inches.
  8. According to nypost site, Maci Currin’s father stands at the height of 6 feet and 5 inches which is impressive.
  9. On Instagram handle Maci Currin mentioned, “to be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”.Currently, Maci is residing in Texas and belongs to a white ethnic group.
  10. To date, Maci Currin has not revealed her boyfriend on Instagram. To date, It’s still under review.

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