How To Do Bulletproof Challenge on TikTok? Bulletproof Challenge Meme Explained

How To Do Bulletproof Challenge on TikTok? Bulletproof Challenge Meme Explained

How To Do Bulletproof Challenge on TikTok? Bulletproof Challenge Meme Explained

The Bulletproof Challenge on TikTok is one of 2020’s biggest and best trends on the platform, this year there have been numerous trends the platform even more so than previous years due to the quarantine.  

What distinguishes this trend from the plethora of others that have come and gone is the fact that it is receiving attention from almost every top social media influencer in the world. 

This is a bit similar to the roast me challenge and shows that the person has suffered through a lot and can take anything thrown at them, essentially making them “bulletproof”. 

What Exactly Is The Bulletproof Challenge On TikTok?

The new challenge is a way for celebs and other TIkTokers to address their controversies or some tragic event of their past head-on. As the name suggests, the creators making the video are essentially saying that their past experiences have made them bulletproof.  

The essence of the challenge is that the stars now have thick skins and are not easily affected by things. 

And there have been a lot of controversies for celebs to address, from sexual harassment to asking minors for inappropriate photos, TikTok has had a lot of drama in the past years. 

As a matter of fact, even the most popular TikTokers have been involved in some kind of drama or the other. 

Similarly, it has become an outlet for celebrities like James Charles to talk about ‘their darkest moments’ with their audiences. 

The beauty TikToker and social media influencer, Charles addressed his 2019 controversy in which he was slammed by another beauty industry tycoon Tati Westbrook.


2019 was a… dark place 🔦

♬ Bulletproof – La Roux

In his version of the ‘Bulletproof challenge’, James addressed how he lost 3 million subscribers overnight for a thing that he claims he did not do and was falsely accused of ‘manipulating people’s sexuality.’ 

Tati launched an all-out campaign to cancel James but has since apologized publicly to him and retracted her comments. 

How To Do The Bulletproof Challenge On TikTok?

First of all, this challenge is super easy, you just need to talk about one of your tragic past events. The song that is used with the challenge is La Roux’s 2010 hit Bulletproof. 


Yeah…. nice try 😂 ##bulletproof ##bulletproofchallenge ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##wien ##österreich ##vienna ##lgbtq

♬ Bulletproof – La Roux

Get ready and start shooting, first say the phrase “you think you can hurt my feelings?” and then proceed to tell the viewers one tragic thing that has happened in your past or controversy you have been the center of. Finish off by putting a #bulletproof in the caption. 

Another way to do the challenge is simply by writing what you are about to on a the video and sing along to the song. It has become a way for people to share their secrets and go a little bit easy on their mental health. 

How Popular Is The Challenge Online?

The trend has really picked up in the online community. As a matter of fact, the hashtag of the challenge has gotten more than 232 million views and some of the biggest creators have taken part in it. 


And that’s on being bullied by the biggest bully in America lmao🤪Also gonna credit @mackenzieziegler and @itsjojosiwa

♬ Bulletproof – La Roux

The song used in the video also has almost a million videos submitted as of August 2020. It is sure to be even more popular in the coming days. 

Bulletproof Challenge On TikTok Is Not Just A Meme

As the discussion for mental health becomes more and more important, the challenge has emerged as a way for people to talk about their insecurities in a safe space online. 

Cancel culture and online bullying make it almost impossible for people to share their feelings online. As James Charles said, his experience in 2019 with the whole Tati controversy had a severe impact on his mental health. 

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