How To Do Japanese Ab Workout

Japanese Ab Workout TikTok Challenge Explained: How To Do Japanese Ab Workout

Japanese Ab Workout TikTok Challenge Explained: How To Do Japanese Ab Workout

The new Japanese Ab exercise TikTok challenge claims that you can get a flat stomach in 10 days by doing this simple 5-minute exercise. Yes, you heard it right. There are tons of TikTok videos made on this Japanese Ab exercise challenge and lots of them claim that they can really see the results. But it seems to good to be true isn’t it?

Here is everything about this viral Japanese Ab exercise TikTok challenge along with the tutorial for how to do this exercise.

Japanese Ab Workout TikTok Challenge Explained

As we all know, Ab exercises can be rough and we all want a flat belly. No matter how hard we try to get abs, we eventually give up because of the rough and burning exercises that make our body sore. There needs to be a strong motivation for us that would drive us to overcome this pain that we feel during the exercise for the goal of a flat belly.

However, this Japanese Abs workout on TikTok claims to be so effective and easy that we all want to believe that it really works. But does it, really?

Actually, this exercise was developed by a Japanese chiropractic doctor named Toshiki Fukutsudzi. The simple exercise involves placing a rolled-up towel under your waist right where the spine is curved and lying on your back for just 5 minutes each day. This method was intended to improve the bad posture, strengthen the core muscles, and reduce back pain.

After 10 years of research, he found that this could lead to weight reduction as he discovered that due to the misalignment of the pelvis there occurs more accumulation of fat around the belly and by improving the pelvic position by this method, it reduces the fat storage in that area creating a slimmer waistline.

He has also written about this method in a Japanese book which is one of the best-sellers across Asia.

So now this method has been viral all over the social media platforms including TikTok.

The first video was posted by a TikTok user named @tiabagha by promising that you can get flat abs. This video became viral in no time. Another TikTok user named @carrieberkk has also created a video with a step-by-step tutorial of this method and a lot of TikTok users are creating their own video on her sound by trying out this exercise.


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How to do this Japanese Ab TikTok exercise?

It is a very simple exercise and many people think of it as just a stretch up rather than a workout. You would just have to follow the given steps.

  • Lie down on the floor.
  • Roll up a towel tightly making it around 7-10 cm thick.
  • Place the towel under your lower back right where the spine curves. It can be right below your navel.
  • Stretch your hands above your head keeping your palms on the surface and keep your legs apart but the toes touching and facing each other.
  • Then just lie in that position for 5 minutes. You are done for the day. Continue doing this exercise every day and you may see the results in a few weeks.

Does this exercise really work?

Unfortunately, it probably does not work. If just a simple exercise like this would have really worked then why would people have to go to the gym or follow strict diet plans to get perfect abs? Everyone would simply lay on the floor on top of a towel every day for 5 minutes and get a flat tummy.

I am not saying that this exercise is completely useless. People who do have a misalignment of their pelvic bones and want to correct their posture, and relieve back pain then this stretching exercise can really help them.

Some fitness coaches are frustrated by seeing this trend being viral on TikTok.

As for the weight loss, it might only work if the fat accumulation in that person is really because of the bad posture of the hip. Then that might reduce the fat accumulation. But as many fitness coaches all over the world suggest, there is no shortcut to get flat abs. You just have to burn the calories to get rid of the fat in your body.

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