How To Do The NBA Filter On TikTok? Step By Step Guide Explained

How To Do The NBA Filter On TikTok? Step By Step Guide Explained

How To Do The NBA Filter On TikTok? Step By Step Guide Explained

The NBA filter has attracted millions of views on TikTok. What is this trend, and how to use the filter? You can find every detail about the effect in this article below!

Video filters are popular everywhere these days. Everyone from Kylie Jenner to Charlie Damelio is using filters to enhance their beauty and content. In the same way, the new NBA effect is also taking the internet by storm. 

What is NBA Filter On TikTok and Instagram?

NBA, also known as the National Basketball Association, is a popular basketball game. The league consists of 30 teams and signs major basketball players worldwide. Recently, it is making news for being the new viral trend on the internet.


We going 82-0 no cap 😂😈 ##nbafilter ##nba ##hoop ##basketball ##fy ##fyp ##comedy ##viral ##blowthisup ##dontflop ##trending ##haha

♬ original sound – iamsaucee

The NBA Filter is a filter on Instagram where you can create your own NBA team. The filter randomly generates NBA teams. Likewise, the users can pick one team member for different positions from the generated team. 

NBA Effect Guide: Step By Step 

The NBA Effect is not available in TikTok yet. To use this effect, you need to head down to your Instagram account first. Furthermore, browse the NBA filter and select the impact created by user @lvsarg. 

After you film a perfect short video using the filter, save the video on your phone. Next, you need to retrieve the saved video in your TikTok account. Lastly, type each of the basketball position in your video and assign it to a player. 

How To Do The NBA Filter?

You assign five positions in a basketball team: Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward, and Center. Each position has a unique role. However, it would be best if you decided which player will be ideal in each position to create your dream team. 


this was pretty fun to do ##nbafilter ##nbabasketball ##startingfive

♬ original sound – izzy

The NBA filter has over 4 million views in TikTok right now. In fact, if you choose the right team, you may become the next viral TikTok star. So, film your video and upload it on TikTok! 

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