How To Do The New Teacher Challenge On TikTok?

You might have wondered What Is And How To Do The New Teacher Challenge On TikTok?. Well, the platform is popular for pranks and other comedic content. 

The New Teacher challenge is a prank that has gone viral and is a product of online classes. The pandemic and quarantine were the reasons kids had to study from their own homes. 

How To Do The New Teacher Challenge On TikTok?

You can do the ‘New Teacher’ prank on your kids by following these steps. 


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First, you need to download the photo of a person that your child doesn’t recognize. For the challenge to work to its full extent it is better to download a picture that is weird or incredibly funny. 

These images are readily available online and there will be no problem finding them on Google or Bing. After you have a funny photo, show it to your kids and record their reaction after you tell them that the person is their new teacher. 

As you can see, it is a simple prank but is the latest trend to go viral on TikTok. The results of this pranks especially on younger children who will e fooled a little more easily. 

Pranking older children is also funny and if a teenager is fooled it is considered a top-level prank. 

What Exactly Is The New Teacher Challenge On TikTok?

The ‘New Teacher’ challenge is basically a prank played by parents on their children that tricks them into thinking they have their ‘new’ teacher on Face Time. 


New Teacher. Who dis? ##newteacherchallenge ##newteacher ##thejennifermiller @m3singleton @aliciaperrygantt @amysophialoffredo @tamecas.brown

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Due to the lack of a cure, and vaccine schools have not yet re-opened around the world. This has forced many children and students to learn their courses online. Although the effectiveness of these classes is up to debate, it has created one of the best social media trends in 2020. 

Parents pranking their children has long been a tradition on social media, in fact, giving toddlers lemons and the popular ‘eating all your kid’s Halloween candy prank’ have become social media sensations in their own right. 

The new TikTok teacher prank is also a viral sensation that is perhaps appropriate in the Coronavirus/quarantine era. 

How Popular Is The ‘New Teacher Challenge’?

As Of August 2, 2020, the challenge is one of the most popular trends on TikTok, the hashtag of the trend (#newteacherchallenge) alone has gathered more than 17 million views. 

Each video has gotten almost 100,000 videos. It is popular because of the spurious factor that it brings. Many children are scared and even shocked by the face of their new teachers. 

Many of the videos will make the viewer laugh out loud. Seeing children think that their new teacher is a prisoner or a person who wears clown makeup is absolutely hilarious. 


##newteacherchallenge ##meetyourteacher ##mykids omg I just couldn’t stop laughing 😂 ##fyp ##fypシ ##mexican

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The challenge is also popular because of its relativity in 2020. Especially in July 2020 when there has been no school for months and all the classes are online. 

You Can Do The Challenge In Reverse And Get Similar Reactions  

The challenge emerged in July 2020 and uses the picture of what would traditionally be considered an ugly person to shock the children when the parents tell them that they are their new teacher. 

However, you can also do the reverse of the challenge and the results will be equally hilarious. Instead of using a horrendous photo, the picture of a less known model can be used. 

This will get a different type of reaction from the children but the videos will be hilarious nonetheless. 


I put a twist on the ##newteacherchallenge She’s still recovering 😂😂😂 ##parentprank ##kidprank ##middleschoolcheck ##fyou ##trendingnow

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Teenagers will be excited when you show them their new teacher if the challenge is done on the reverse. 

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