How to do Tiktok Renaissance Trend? Song and Steps Explained

Tiktok Renaissance Filter: How to do Tiktok Renaissance Trend? Song and Steps Explained

Tiktok Renaissance Filter: How to do Tiktok Renaissance Trend? Song and Steps Explained

Well, Tiktok filters are useful tools to generate effects, color changes and give a unique touch to the videos. They are easy and quick to enhance the TikTok videos before posting on the popular social platform.

Users can choose a filter to apply to videos based on their choice. Each filter is a combination of effects. The different filters are on-trend nowadays and the most recent is the TikTok Renaissance Art Filter trend. 

What Is Tiktok Renaissance Filter?

If you see the recent TikTok videos, you may have seen the new filter that everyone has started using. The new filter makes you look like you are in a renaissance painting. Actually, TikTok uses the ‘Timewarp’ filter and the other apps to complete the final product.


Earlier, the website named, and it’s Artificial Intelligence artist named “AI Gahaku” generated those canvas renaissance paintings from your preferred images. And, recently, it is much popular among the users of TikTok. 

How To Do Tiktok Renaissance Trend?

You might be new to use the trending filter on TikTok. The following are the steps to use the Renaissance Art Filter on TikTok:

  1. At first, stay in one position and record yourself on TikTok using the effect named ‘Timewarp’. If it is not available, you can also use the time warp scan filter from Instagram.
  2. Then use the screen record the TikTok.
  3. You have to screenshot the very end of the video and edit the screenshot from PicsArt.
  4. Edit the background on PicsArt in order to look like a renaissance painting by adding in angels and columns.
  5. Apply one of the filters that make it look like a painting and save it.
  6. In final editing, use an app called video leap to mix your picture into the video. There, select the linear effect in the app and make it follow the blue line throughout the video.
  7. At last, check everything lines up and it’s completed. 

What is the Song on Tiktok Renaissance Challenge?

There is no compulsion on songs and music to use the renaissance art filter on TikTok. But the trend is piano music in the background. We can see the compilation videos using the renaissance filter on TikTok with the piano music in the background.

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