How To Do TikTok Stair Challenge?

TikTok Stair Challenge Song: How To Do TikTok Stair Challenge?
TikTok Stair Challenge Song: How To Do TikTok Stair Challenge?

TikTok stair challenge song is the song to do the stair challenge. Every now and then TikTok users come up with certain ideas to entertain their fans and followers. And now they have come up with the stair challenge. Generally, in this challenge, you have to do certain steps while climbing the steps or while coming down of the steps.

And there are certain specific songs on which this challenge is mainly performed. Many TikTok users have already tried it and if you’re also an active TikTok user, your time has come to do this challenge.


Shuffling isn’t my strong point ##stairchallenge

♬ #PlankChallenge – chisa2122

Well, this is not the new challenge, it’s was started in the year 2019, I guess. But its craze is now over and everyone is still doing it. However, this challenge very popular since the lockdown. As everyone is extremely bored to stay all day inside the house due to the coronavirus.

And this challenge is also working as a workout for many. This stair challenge routine is too good visually as well as to perform. Many users have been able to pull off the routine while many are struggling and this challenge is very entertaining.

How To Do TikTok Stair Challenge?

The most important thing while doing this TikTok stair challenge is to have the correct song. Mostly, this TikTok challenge is done in the soundtrack by Maggie Lindemann titled as Pretty Girl (Paul Gannon Bootleg). This song is also used to do many other exercise-related challenges on TikTok.

If you are also willing to do the TikTok Stair Challenge, then all you have to do is follow these steps exactly the way it’s mentioned.

  1. At first, go to the discover section of TikTok and type “Plank Challenge” or “Stair Challenge” on the search bar.
  2. Choose the user who has used this particular soundtrack on their video.
  3. After you found one, add the soundtrack to your favorite list or use it right away and make your video.

There is also another stair challenge on TikTok. So before selecting the sound to be sure which challenge you are going to perform. Check this out, this is another stair challenge on TikTok.


##stairchallenge ##familychallenge ##nanana

♬ Nanana Remix – tiafuentes212

For this TikTok challenge, you will require lots of participants to make your video more appealing and entertaining. Not only that but for this challenge also you will need a different soundtrack which you can find it the same way as the above-mentioned challenge.

TikTok Stair Challenge Meme Meaning Lyrics explained

“TikTok Stair” challenge is also good meme content. How? Add some flight footed girl doing the stair shuffle challenge on your TikTok and you will get yourself a viral meme.

This challenge is performed by many TikTok users and many have busted their moves while doing this challenge. Due to some users unable to pull off this challenge, there are many tutorial videos available on YouTube.

Is TikTok Stair Challenge Hard To Perform?

Unlike other challenges on TikTok, this TikTok stair challenge is very difficult. If you’re a non-dancer it’s more difficult for you. But don’t worry it’s not impossible. After spending some time watching Stair challenge videos on TikTok or YouTube, you will have an idea on how to do it. And practice for some time then you will definitely be able to pull off the routine.

Most importantly, if you take this challenge lightly you will seriously injure yourself. You might even break your bones falling from the stairs as many have broken already. Practice well and observe others before doing it yourself.


Well, stair challenge is harder than it looks ##stairchallenge ##mombomb ##oopsy ##lol ##stayhomestaystrong ##stairshuffle ##mom ##fails ##ouch

♬ #PlankChallenge – chisa2122

While another stair challenge is very simple to do and you don’t need any practice.


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