How To Get Big Belly Effect? Step By Step Guide

Big Belly Filter TikTok Explained: How To Get Big Belly Effect? Step By Step Guide

Big Belly Filter TikTok Explained: How To Get Big Belly Effect? Step By Step Guide

Big Belly Filter on TikTok is what’s new these days if you don’t know already. Anyway, we are pretty sure you might have stumbled upon a lot of TikTok videos by now with this filter. After all, these videos are hilarious and will make you laugh until your belly aches.

Well, you might still have the memory of the big head filter not long ago. Now, it is the time of the Big Belly filter to shine and the way TikTokers are using this filter, it is already trending. And, if you want to catch up with this new trend but have no idea how to use it then, don’t worry because we are here for no other reason than to help you.

Big Belly Filter TikTok Explained

Most of you might have seen a few TikToks that have used the Big Belly filter. But, for the very of you who have not, we will tell you what this filter exactly is. This brand new filter has been recently added on TikTok and has been quite successful in amusing people.

So, the Big Belly filter, as the name suggests, is a filter that makes your belly appear bigger than it is. Does not take long to understand it, right? What you do is simply use this filter that makes you belly look bigger and just film your TikTok videos.


This has got on trending so fast that the videos with hashtag #bigbelly on TikTok has already surpassed 700 million views. Crazy, isn’t it? Needless to say, TikTokers around the world seem to love using this filter to make their videos.

How To Get Big Belly Effect? Step By Step Guide

A filter this popular is something you don’t want to miss out on. From what we have seen, the Big Belly filter might be as fun to film as it looks once it is done. So, you are not just going to light up the mood of those around you but yourself too. This is why you have got to give it a go, at least once.


Confidence went 📈📈📈 ##fyp ##foryou ##bigbellyfilter

♬ original sound – shannon010895_bsf


But, how do you get the Big Belly effect on TikTok? If that is your concern then, here we will provide you guys a simple step by step guide that you can follow. After that, you will able to get this effect on TikTok. So, let’s get it started, shall we?

  1. Start by updating your TikTok app to make sure that is the current version. Then, open the updated Tiktok app.
  2. Go to the screen where you have the recording option.
  3. Then, to the middle right of the screen, you will see a small tab called Filter.
  4. Now, once you have clicked on Filter, tap Special Effects.
  5. After you’ve done it, you will find various effects, out of which you have to select the big belly filter.

##fyp ##foryou ##filter ##bigbellyfilter

♬ original sound – shannon010895_bsf


How To Do the Big Belly Filter on TikTok Challenge Videos?

Here comes the real deal. So, once you have learned how to get the Big Belly effect on TikTok the question is how to do the Big Belly Filter on TikTok challenge videos. Now, this is might be the part most would find hard. But, trust us, you will find it easy.

In this Big Belly filter challenge on TikTok, people first apply this filter. And, then, they react to the larger body of theirs. After that, you remove the big belly filter and as you go back to being your own shape, you share your reaction on it.


However, while many seem to be enjoying this filter there are people who are finding this filter fat-shaming. Even if you are just using this filter for fun, you could end up hurting people’s sentiments. So, you could be a little careful about your words, maybe.

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