How To Ghost Comment On TikTok? Invisible Comment aka Blank Comment

How To Ghost Comment On TikTok? Invisible Comment aka Blank Comment
How To Ghost Comment On TikTok? Invisible Comment aka Blank Comment

You have probably seen blank comments on tiktok videos. Here is the tutorial for how to leave ghost comments or blank comments on Tiktok. 

Tiktok is really is funny place to be if you have a lot of friends who use the video networking site. As it is always admired for it’s creators-users interaction, it is more fun when used it with your friends. 

Besides trends, there are different things that are happening on Tiktok. There are several tricks and hacks which are tremendously amusing to perform. Most of the tricks are already debugged by the publishers. However, few still remain.

Here, you are going to learn a major tiktok hack that will seem so cool to show off to your friends. When you had seen the blank comments on tiktok, you surely were amazed. When you’re notified that you got a comment, but there’s no comment. Just a blank. It undoubtedly seems like a fun thing to do. 


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If you were ever wondering how to leave ghost comments, there you are in the perfect place. There are few easy steps and you will be good to go and amaze your friends for good. 

What are Ghost Comments on Tiktok?

Ghost comments are the blank comments. It is a comment where it shows that you have commented but on the other way also shows that you have commented nothing at all. It is one of the viral trends to occur on social media, especially tiktok. 


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Ghost comments are supposed to be a glitch on the application. Hence, they are debugged by the publishers as soon as they find put about it. However in Tiktok, you can still make the ghost comments if you follow these simple steps. 

How can you ghost comment on Tiktok?

It’s relatively easy. You just got to follow these steps so that you can ghost comment on Tiktok videos. If you go to the comment section and press send without typing anything, it won’t work. The message “Please Write a Comment” will appear.  


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Here are five easy steps to follow to make that ghost comment.

Step 1: Select a tiktok video that you want to ghost your comment. If you want to give your friend a susprise then it’d be better if you pick his/her video. 

Step 2: Go to the comments section at the right of the video. At the bottom right side of the tiktok videos, there a sign of comment between the love and share section. Click on the icon and you will see a box ready for your comment.

Step 3: This is the most important process. You need to make a blank comment and there’s a trick to do that. You click on that comment box and you keyboard appears. Now tap on the microphone option which records voices. 

Step 4: If Tiktok doesn’t have app permissions then you should change it in the settings. After you record it for a short period of time, you should tap back the keyboard option. 

Step 5: You will see the comment box still empty. But it you tap on Send button the comment gets commented this time. The comment is empty and it consists of your name on it. In this way you can finally make a ghost comment on Tiktok videos. 


How to do a Blank Comment hope it helps ##tutorial ##screenrecord ##fyp

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Ghosting comments is taken illegal on many social networking sites. But on Tiktok, it isn’t yet termed illegal. On the other way, there is mention that it’s legal as well. However, creators and users do it all the time for the sake of followers rise. Nevertheless, the funny side of it remains unshadowed. 


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