How To Play The Drinking Game?

TikTok: Tens Unit Beer Drinking Challenge: How To Play The Drinking Game?

TikTok: Tens Unit Beer Drinking Challenge: How To Play The Drinking Game?

Tens Unit Beer Drinking challenge has been a viral challenge on TikTok amidst this pandemic. To play the drinking challenge, you need special TENS equipment, which stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

From all those intricate dance challenges on TikTok, this new idea seems quite interesting. TikTok has always been a platform to discover new stuff, and this beer challenge has gone on another level; nevertheless, it’s a crapshoot for all the dare lovers. 

Tens Unit Beer Drinking Challenge On TikTok

Tens Unit Beer Drinking challenge is generally for those people who are always accepting a dare. Unlike other TikTok videos, you do not really need a good piece of music as your sound and experience will make it more interesting to watch. 


##stitch with @officer_kingery thanks for the opportunity to raise ##parkinson ##awareness ##tensunitchallenge

♬ original sound – Jimmy Choi

Basically, it’s a challenge where you drink beer after being introduced to a TENS device. What happens is that the electrical pulses generated do not become very friendly if you touch any liquid (here beer), and your hand bends, making it impossible for you to drink the glass of beer you’re holding. 

How To Play The Drinking Game?

To play the drinking game, you must comply with some of the rules, which are not very hard to implement. The first rule is to get a TENS device as you need a slight electric shock in this trending drinking game. 

Now, hold a beer, it doesn’t matter if it’s a can or glass or even a bottle, and try to drink it! It’s impossible to drink, which is possible because water and liquid do not mix very well. 

Is TENS Unit Beer Challenge Dangerous?

Of course, playing with electricity has never been a fun-to-do thing! It’s very dangerous, and the guidelines of this challenge even suggest not to perform it alone or without any medical supervision.

According to Distractify, TENS Unit is considered very dangerous near liquid, and its misuse might even lead to death! So, we recommend you think twice before accepting this challenge. 

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