How To Remove And Reverse Silhouette Filter From TikTok?

Lolzyofficial Twitter: How To Remove And Reverse Silhouette Filter From TikTok?

Lolzyofficial Twitter: How To Remove And Reverse Silhouette Filter From TikTok?

The Silhouette Challenge is taking TikTok by storm and now every user in Tiktok is getting more innovative with their filters. Through red filter you can cast a show over yourself .

This recent trend and has now become the most popular on all social media sites nowadays !!! But in recent time, the social media personality like Lolzyofficial Twitter has risen and up made a video on how to remove the red filter from the silhouette.

Who is Lolzyofficial Twitter?

Lolly’s real name is Adeniyi. He hails from Lagos, Nigeria. He is a talented social media influencer  He is known for editing videos and pictures. Furthermore, he is also a talented comedian too.

He has accumulated several thousands of followers on his Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok account.

How To Remove and Reverse Silhouette Filter from TikTok

By using  Snapchat’s Vin Rogue filter, it gives the red light and through exact editing skills, you can make a nice video to post your Silhouette Challenge. But there is no way you can remove the filter between the video for a specific time and later get it back again.

So here is what you should do. First, shoot two exact same videos. One video should be with the filter and the other should be without it. Then edit the two videos in such a way that it looks like you are changing quickly from one way to another.

This will undoubtedly help to bring the Silhouette game to the next level. One thing to keep in mind for such a challenge is that the color red is the main one and it can be erased to modify so easily.

What is a Silhouette Challenge?

There are so many trends coming and rising this challenge so it is getting difficult to keep up with some of the trends. Some people have used this to be in their favorite scene with their favorite Anime character.

The TikTok begins the video alone with lighting and in the middle the video moves to a darker surrounding with the person and his/her favorite Anime character in silhouettes. Similarly, numerous persons have used this to be seen with their favorite and beloved celebrity too.

While on TikTok you make it even better and nicer? Get creative with the red filter and show a change of red and black light to make the video look more interesting.



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