How to The The I Am Lost Trend on TikTok? An Easy Guide

How to The The I Am Lost Trend on TikTok? An Easy Guide

How to The The I Am Lost Trend on TikTok? An Easy Guide

These days, the over-the-top popular social media app TikTok has been nothing but a place to embrace trends and challenges every single day. Well, if you don’t live in the stone age, you will certainly know about TikTok trends that have made its way to the social media app in 2020. In the list of the never-ending TikTok trends, we have a new one in the market, I am Lost TikTok trend.

Lately, I am Lost trend is spreading like wildfire on TikTok. And most of the TikTok users are giving the trend big thumps up on TikTok. With several TikTok stars trying out this trend, at least once, you might be thinking of giving it a shot. Well, you should try this one out, once, if you are on TikTok. 

What is The I Am Lost Trend on TikTok?

This new TikTok trend sees TikTok users brining their lost objects that have gone missing for quite some time. Well, don’t even think of piecing back the lost piece from Apple’s logo. Try it with the broken pencil piece that you lost a few weeks ago, or your favorite T-shirt that has gone missing for some time. All you have to do for this trend to work is just give your lost object a mouth and pair of eyes, add a text, whatever you like, and make a funny video out of it.


at least they have each other 😢 ##iamlost ##iamlostchallenge ##xybca ##funnyjoke ##manifestation ##memes ##funnyvid ##funnychallenge

♬ I am lost. – amicharlize

This trend started out as ‘I am Lost’ TikTok challenge on TikTok. As we write this, the hashtag I am Lost challenge has 6.9 million video views and numbers TikTok videos in it. Don’t just end up thinking you can bring your lost objects to real life. If so, I could try it to bring my $500 that I just lost last week. It’s just a funny TikTok trend and let’s keep it that way.


I wonder what’s inside the lunchbox ##funnyjoke ##iamlost ##iamlostchallenge ##funnymeme ##viral ##xybca ##funnyjokes ##meme

♬ I am lost. – amicharlize

Let’s find out how you can make videos on ‘I am Lost’ TikTok trend. Well, if are worried about a huge rule book for this, we want to tell you, there are only a few easy steps ahead.

How to do The I Am Lost Challenge on TikTok?

Basically, this TikTok trend started with Snapchat. And you might want to thank the app for bringing out such an amazing filter in the market. The I am Lost filter is available on Snapchat. And social media users are using the filter to make videos and are posting directly on their TikTok accounts. 


that poor lonely gatorade 😢 ##IAmLost ##LetsFaceIt ##WhatsUpDocChallenge ##SkinCare ##iamlostchallenge ##funnymeme ##funnyvideo ##funnyvid ##memes

♬ I am lost. – amicharlize

To do this challenge, you need a filter that gives your lost object a mouth and a pair of eyes. And the filter is not on TikTok, but you can find it on Snapchat. So, to make I am Lost TikTok video, you need to have a Snapchat account first. You need the latest version of Snapchat to do this challenge and upload it to TikTok. Do you? Then, let’s get started.

  • Firstly, you have to take a photo of that particular object which you want to use for the ‘I am Lost’ video.
  • Then open your Snapchat app (latest version) and go the ‘Camera’ section.
  • You will find a ‘Create’ option on the left side. Tap the ‘Create’ button and then select ‘Face Builder.’
  • Then select any pictures from your gallery to use on ‘I am Lost’ video.
  • Adjust the size of your mouth and eyes. Also, you can drag it to the place where you want to add it. Make sure your eyes and mouth are placed exactly over the object.
  • Then, save the photo to your gallery. 
  • You can now upload it to TikTok. You can add any text, sound, or other effects as you like.

Wast it any hard?

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