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Where Is Jennifer Schuett Now? Husband And Family Details

Where Is Jennifer Schuett Now? Husband And Family Details

Jennifer Schuett Wikipedia is often searched after people learn about her abduction story.

Jennifer Schuett is a victim who was abducted in 1990. However, according to People, she survived the attack, and the attacker was caught nearly 20 years after the incident happened.

Is Jennifer Schuett On Wikipedia?

Despite her scary story, Jennifer Schuett has not broken into the Wikipedia site yet.

However, you can find her story on Ishi News. According to the reports, Jennifer was dragged from her window, was brutally raped, and her throat was slashed.

Where Is She Now?

Jennifer Schuett is now traveling around the country alongside Cromie and Richard Rennison.

When a group of children rescued her to the hospital, the doctors told her that she would never be able to speak again. However, her will and determination were too strong to accept that. She is all good now and is sharing her story all on her own.

Meet Her Husband

Jennifer Schuett feels lucky to be with her husband, Jonathan

She could have lost her life that day, but now, she lives with her family happily. Also, we have come to know that the stranger who had abducted her told Jennifer that he was a police officer.

Jennifer Schuett Age: How Old Is She?

Schuett current age is 39 years old.

When the incident happened, she was just 8 years old, on August 10, 1990. At that time, she attended her second grade and was near about to reach the third grade.

Update On Her Children

According to KHOU 11, Jennifer Schuett and her husband share two children.

They are Jenna and Jonah. Also, we have come to know that Jenna is 4 years old while Jonah is just 11 months old. 

Furthermore, CBS shared Jennifer Schuett’s story via their show called 48 Hours. Jennifer revealed that the strange who had abducted her drove her way down her grandparents’ house and was in a fire pile for at least 12 to 14 hours.

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