Husband And Daughter Rosine Chouinard Chauveau

Violette Chauveau Age And Wikipedia: Meet Rosine Chouinard Chauveau Mother

Violette Chauveau Age And Wikipedia: Meet Rosine Chouinard Chauveau Mother

Violette Chauveau’s age is 57 years old as she was born on September 18, 1963.

Violette Chauveau is a TV personality and artist. Recently, her daughter, Rosine Chouinard Chauveau, passed away due to surgical complications. So, who are Violette and her daughter Rosine? Find everything about the mother-daughter duo in this article below. 

Violette Chauveau’s Wikipedia

Violette Chauveau’s Wikipedia bio is available on the internet.

Violette Chauveau is a Canadian actress from Quebec. She attended the Conservatory of Dramatic Art to pursue her theatre degree. Likewise, she graduated from college in 1986 with a specialization in dubbing.

Chauveau made her movie debut during the 1980s. Her notable works include Laurence Anyways (2012), How I learned to drive: Little tip (2007), and Rabid Dogs (2015). Furthermore, she is also working as a voice artist. 

Violette Chauveau’s Husband And Daughter  

Violette Chauveau’s former husband is Normand Chouinard.

Normand is an actor and filmmaker. He is popular as Pierre-Marc Hébert from the TV series 2 Feres. However, Violette and Normand are no longer together. Furthermore, Violette Chauveau and Pierre had a daughter as their children and family. 

Violette Chauveau’s daughter named Rosine Chouinard Chauveau.

Furthermore, Rosine was involved in the movie business. She appeared in shows like 30 Lives, Catimini, and The Cradle of Angels. Additionally, she studied at the National Theater School. Sadly, she recently passed away in 2021.

Rosine Chouinard Chauveau Cause Of Death Revealed

Rosine Chouinard’s cause of death was announced as a surgical failure.

Rosine was waiting for surgery when she took her last breath. According to her family, the hospital in Quebec was unable to sustain Rosine due to overload from COVID patients. Consequently, she lost her life in Feb 2021.

The young soul was only 28 years old at the time of her untimely demise. Likewise, she was already married to Maël. On the other hand, Violette is grieving her daughter’s unfortunate death right now. 

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