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Who is Michele Caputo My Feet Are Killing Me? Cause Of Death Revealed

Who is Michele Caputo My Feet Are Killing Me? Cause Of Death Revealed

Michele Caputo from My Feet Are Killing Me had a successful surgery. But social media is going crazy about her death. 

Michele Caputo was one of the patients of Dr. Brad Schaeffer and Dr. Ebonie Vincent, who had a painful hammertoe. According to The Sun, she found it ugly and wanted a remedy.

Who is Michele Caputo From My Feet Are Killing Me?

Michele Caputo was thrilled when her surgery went successful in the TLC show My Feet Are Killing Me. At the end of the episode, TLC paid tribute to her as she was already dead.

If you wondered what a hammertoe is, let us tell you that it’s an abnormal bend in its middle joint that makes it look like a hammer. The show described her desire to wear open-toed shoes without any fear of judgment.

Michele Caputo Death: What Happened?

Michele Caputo’s death has left the viewers shocked. It isn’t easy to see someone die after they finally fulfill their lifelong wish.

Well, the real cause of death has not been revealed yet. However, some speculations suggest that she could have died from COVID-19 complications. 

Who Is Michele Caputo Husband?

Well, we have no idea who Michele Caputo’s husband is. However, we can confirm that she was already married.

Probably, she had to wait a lot to find a partner. These days, people judge you by your looks, and we can confirm that Michele also faced similar difficulties. 

Michele Caputo Net Worth Explored

Right now, there’s nothing to know about Michele Caputo’s net worth.

She didn’t reveal it before the time of her death.

There is a GoFundMe page that has collected $3.2 thousand for Michle’s treatments. This clearly shows that she was not a rich woman.

Caputo Children Revealed

Michele Caputo and her husband shared children. The couple had a son named Nick Caputo.

It was Nick who had organized the fundraiser program.

Since we can’t find Caputo’s bio, it’s better to find an obituary to read about. If you wish to know more, you can learn from Distractify too.

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