Ilona Maher TikTok Gay Rumors Or Is She Transgender? Boyfriend Age

Is Ilona Maher Gay? Rumors And Relationship Discussed

Is Ilona Maher Gay? Rumors And Relationship Discussed

Ilona Maher is rumored to be gay but rumors are just rumors. Let us learn about her gender and sexuality.

Ilona Maher is an American rugby union player. Illona will be competing in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Ilona began playing rugby in college after previously participating in soccer, basketball, and field hockey.

Maher was named All-American Honors in her college days.  Being a member of Squad USA’s women’s rugby team she finally got selected to be a part of Olympics 2020. 

Ilona Maher TikTok Gay Rumors Or Is She Transgender?

No, Ilona Maher is not gay. There are rumors about Illona being gay. But Illona has never ever responded to these rumors.

These are just rumors built upon the judgment of the people. The tag of homosexuality is just a mere assumption yet to be confirmed.

She must be straight. There is nothing homosexual about her. Just because she has a well-built-up body does not mean she is transgender.

Talking about Maher’s TikTok she has been posting a lot about the Olympics and what living the Olympics dream is like. It has everything and all the tiny details we need to know about the Olympics. 

Does Ilona Have A Boyfriend?

Ilona Maher has not shared any information about her relationship or partner with the public.

Maher is not married,. She does not have a boyfriend and has no pictures of her partner on Instagram.

Also, there is no information about her relationships till now.

What Is Illona Maher’s Age?

Ilona’s age is 25 years old. She was born on August 12, 1996.

Who Are Illona Maher’s Parents?

Illona’s parents have been married for more than two decades. Ilona Maher’s father Michael S. is also a rugby player. She got it from her beloved father.

Ilona’s mother’s name is Mieneke Maher-Beukenkamp. She graduated from Castleton State College in 1987. Mieneke worked as a registered nurse at St. Joseph School in Burlington, Vermont for over ten years.

Her mother has also worked at Fletcher Allen Health Care for over 34 years as a licensed nurse.

Illona says that her parents are the biggest motivation in her life. She says that the reason she is selected for Olympics 2020 is all because of her parents.

Illona Maher NetWorth

Ilona Maher’s net worth is estimated to be more than $600 thousand dollars. Ilona was an all-around athlete who excelled in field hockey, basketball, and soccer before committing entirely to rugby.



Illona being a registered nurse also won All-American honors and led the rugby team to three National Intercollegiate Rugby Association championships (NIRA).


These are her income sources. She is a nurse and a Rugby player which shows that anything is possible.

And juggling two worlds seems so easy for Ilona. 

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