Ina Paarman Age And Chef Wikipedia: How Old Is She?

How old is Chef Ina Paarman? Wiki And Husband Details

How old is Chef Ina Paarman? Wiki And Husband Details

Ina Paarman is still very active despite moving past her retirement age. Is the South African chef on Wikipedia?

Paarman Foods is undoubtedly one of the biggest food manufacturing industries in the whole of South Africa. Founded around four decades before, it was none other than the founder, Ina Paarman, who saw the company’s success along the way. 

Initially an economics teacher, Ina started her chef career in her family’s garage. After years of hard work and dedication, her name and company have a reputation of a lifetime at the moment. Let’s get to know more about her. 

Ina Paarman Age: How old is the Chef?

Ina Paarman has not revealed her exact age and birthday until now. 

However, she has been in the business for around 39 years as she founded the company back in 1982. 

Born in Beaufort West, South Africa, she had to embark on a tragedy at the age of 10 when her father died. As a result, her family moved to Germiston. It was her grandmother who taught her about food. 

As for business, Paarman learned it from her mother, who started business at the age of 56. She comes from a native South African ethnicity.  

Does Paarman have a Wikipedia bio?

No, Ina Paarman doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography. 

However, she has told her story on the personal website of her company. Besides, Ina is a traveler who likes to explore new cultures and food. The passion led her to become a chef and want to produce “good food.”

Prior to that, she took the training to be an economics teacher. 

Ina Paarman Husband And Family

Ina Paarman is a married woman with a husband and family. 

She tied the knot with her boyfriend, Ted. After marriage, they moved to Cape Town, where she started her chef career. 

However, there are not many facts about her children. We will update them as soon as they are obtainable.

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