India Willoughby As A Man & Partner

India Willoughby As A Man – Is India Willoughby Related To Holly?

India Willoughby As A Man – Is India Willoughby Related To Holly?

India Willoughby was born as a man but she later transformed herself into a woman after her marriage. See if she is related to Holly.

Willoughby is an English newsreader, broadcaster, journalist as well as a reality television personality.

India Willoughby As A Man

India Willoughby was a man named Jonathan Willoughby.

However, this journalist changed his gender and made history by becoming the first trans woman in the world to front an all-female talk show.

She has also become the victim of social media trolling about her looks which later compelled her to have facial feminization surgery in 2018.

India has admitted that she considers herself a real woman in an interview on the BBC Woman’s Hour taken by Jenni Murray.

However, after this interview, Jenni was suspended as she wrote an article in the Times, stating that transgender was not women at all.

Who Is India Willoughby Partner?

India does not have any partners currently.

However, this transgender journalist was married in his twenties when he was still a man and also had Rhodes.

The marriage fell apart three years after Rhodes’s birth, leaving Willoughby to look after him as a single parent.

Willoughby was born on February 2, 1965, and currently, his age is 56 years old.

Is India Willoughby Related To Holly?

No, India Willoughby is not related to Holly Willoughby in any way.

It is known that Holly has only one sister who also works on television, but her name is Kelly. 

However, she is known to be one of Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother stars, but it is not known whether India has siblings or not.

India Willoughby is not the first transgender celebrity to enter the Big Brother house before her Kellie Maloney entered the house.

Speaking about India, she has been a regular guest on ITV’s Good Morning Britain and has appeared on many other programs.

Willoughby was a housemate in the 21st UK season of Celebrity Big Brother.

This show was subtitled Year Of the Woman to mark the 100th anniversary since women got the vote. 

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