Is 2000sshopaholic Real Or Fake?

2000sshopaholic Review: Is 2000sshopaholic Real Or Fake?
2000sshopaholic Review: Is 2000sshopaholic Real Or Fake?

There have been a serious hype of a online e-commerce website called 2000sshopaholic on Instagram and Tiktok recently. Check out more about it here. 

E-Commerce websites have taken shopping to the next level in the past 5 years. They inhabit almost each and every product. Starting from a thumb pin to a Television, you can buy all in a single website or application. Isn’t that amazing?

Online shopping surely has been a thing lately. The product quality and durability has been pretty impressive with the top notch online websites like Amazon, Ebay, Ali Baba and many more. 

However, Online shopping is quite risky, isn’t it? You got to pre pay. There are chances of damage during shipping. Shipping may not be in time. So there really are a lot of things to consider while doing shopping online. After all, your dollars are at stake. 

Engraving these criterias on mind, one should try and make a commendable approach to an e-commerce website. If you are a fashion follower and an instagram user, there’s no way that you have missed 2000sshopaholic posts. In case if you have missed it, Never mind.

What is 2000sshopaholic?

2000sshopaholic is an online website where you can shop your necessities. It is more of a merchandise website which consists of aesthetic products. The website doesn’t have much details online as it was recently established.

The e-commerce site started its advertising campaign on Instagram and Tiktok. I mean what better place than these to reach among people. It is famous and stand out for the uniqueness of the products it holds.

The products that you are going to find in 2000sshopaholic are mainly focused on the female community. But surely, there are no restrictions for fashion. 

What type of products do you find in 2000sshopaholic?

Products wise there are just 8 categories as it is recently initiated. The collections are Jewelry, 2000s Princess, Boots, Simple Life Vibes, Hair Accessories, Skirts, 90s and Barbie Doll Vibes. 

Their products are utterly unique. The main aim of the company is to provide users a certain vibe they are longin for. If you are into 90s fashion, then you can check out right there. Again if you want to dress up more with a princess and Barbie vibe, then it’s just a click away. 


Is 2000sshopaholic Real or Fake?

Looks quite real. However, there should be some ambigious thoughts persisiting on you mind. No one has come forward and accepted the authority of the e-commerce website. It means that the founder/manager/director whoever they are, their identitiy is not yet disclosed.

Now this a bad news. Because you don’t have anyone to blame for if something goes wrong. It would be a lot better and safer that the company came out in public. 

On the other hand, it is a fairly new company, Yes, it consists of lot of unique cool products but still the company’s new. And this the worst part that there aren’t any reviews online. Neither there is any confirmation by users who have received the product.

Is 2000sshopaholic reliable?

If it’s real, it looks like reliable. The shipping days are considered to be around 20 to 30 business days. However, during the time of pandemic, it may take upto 40 business days for shipping of your products. The shipping cost is supposed to be free and shipping is done all around the world. 

Now, that’s a big commitment. Not every newly opened small scale companies do shipping all around the world. It’s probably fair to have double thoughts.

If you’re looking for suggestions, I’d suggest you to buy cheaper products at first. And please do leave the reviews so that other buyers feel safe enough. Taking one for the team, huh? Your call. 

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