Is Al Roker First Wife Alive?

Al Roker First Wife Alice Bell Cause Of Death: How Did She Die?

Al Roker First Wife Alice Bell Cause Of Death: How Did She Die?

Is Alice Bell alive? Here is what we know about his first wife’s obituary and children.

Alice is professionally recognized as a journalist. Reportedly, she works for WNBC as their producer.

Moreover, she worked as the operations producer for Live at Five, a news program.

Is Alice Bell Alive?

At the moment, there’s no official news that confirms if Alice Bell is alive.

According to Amomama, she is happy that her daughter has married. Thus, she could still be alive.

However, various local reports are suggesting her death. So, we are unsure if Alice is alive or dead.

Alice Bell Obituary Explored

Alice Bell’s obituary has not been published on any sites.

Moreover, her family has also not spoken in the media about her death.

After all, being a journalist and producer, her obituary would have been published if she had passed away.

Since WNBC has also been silent about Alice, we can be positive.

Hopefully, she is alive and doing well. Thus, there’s nothing to focus on the cause of her death at the moment.

Who Are Her Children?

Alice Bell’s children’s details are unavailable at the moment.

However, we can confirm that she has an adoptive daughter named Courtney.

She and her former husband had adopted Courtney when she was an infant.

Recently, Today revealed that she tied the knot with Wesley Laga. The couples had been engaged for a year.

Professionally, Courtney is a recipe developer and chef. 

Everything To Know About Al Roker First Wife

Al Roker was married to his first wife, Alice Bell, in December 1984.

However, Al‘s Wikipedia reveals that they separated shortly after.

They had adopted Courtney in 1987. Apart from her, they do not share any kids.

Al Roker‘s net worth in 2021 has reached $70 million. However, there’s no news regarding his former wife’s wealth.

Now, Al is residing with his family in New York. He is happily married to Deborah Roberts, with whom he shares two children.

Speaking about Alice, we cannot read her bio anywhere on the internet.

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