Is Alex Monner Gay? Age, Height, Wikipedia, Partner And Instagram

Is Alex Monner Gay? Everything To Know About Below Zero Actor

Is Alex Monner Gay? Everything To Know About Below Zero Actor

Debuting in Pau Freizza’s film Heroes, Alex Monner is an excellent asset in the World of acting to the Spanish industry. Most importantly, he is also nominated for the Goya Award for Best New Actor for “Los Ninos Salvajes” in 2012.

Mostly known for his role as Lleo in the Catalan TV series “Polseres vermelles”, Barcelona native Alex Monner is also known for “La Proxima Piel,” “The Wild Ones” and “[REC] 3: Genesis.” 

Quick Facts: Is Alex Monner Gay? Everything To Know About Below Zero Actor

Name Alex Monner
Birthday 27th January 1995
Age 26
Gender Male
Height 1.72m
Nationality Spanish
Profession Actor
Married/Single Dating: Ricardo Gomez
Instagram @alexmonner

10 Facts About Alex Monner

  1. Alex Monner was born on 27th January 1995, which makes him 26 years of age. Just recently, he has celebrated his 26th birthday.
  2. Born and bred in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, Alex Monner holds Spanish citizenship. However, his ethnicity is still concealed.
  3. Alex Monner’s birth name is Alejandro Monner Zubizarreta. His zodiac sign is Aquarius.
  4. Recently, Alex Monner is landing his eye-catching role in the 2021 Lluis Quilez’s movie, Below Zero, aka Bajocero, which is expected to be premiered on 29th January 2021.
  5. To date, Alex Monner has several Actor credits, which add up to 37 for “Gang,” “La dona del Segle,” “The Silence of the Marsh,” and others reveal in IMDb.
  6. Apart from his acting career, Alex Mommer is a director, producer, and writer as well.
  7. Presently, we can see Alex Mommer’s charm and popularity on Instagram. As of now, he has 63.1k followers and 114 posts.
  8. Is Alex Monner gay? Most probably, he posses gay sexuality. As reported by Shangay, from the beginning of the series Live Without Permission, Alex Monner and his partner Ricardo Gomez share a gay relationship outside of fiction. Thus, he has no girlfriend or novia.
  9. Being a popular star, Alex Monner’s bio has already included on the official page of Wikipedia. So, we can gather a myriad of information.
  10. While revealing how tall Alex Monner is, he is decently tall with a height of 1.72m.  

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