Is Ari From Big Brother Gay? Ari Kimber Net Worth And Parents

Ari Kimber Net Worth And Parents: Is Ari From Big Brother Gay

Ari Kimber Net Worth And Parents: Is Ari From Big Brother Gay

Is Ari from Big Brother gay? Get to know everything about his relationship by reading this article below.

Ari Kimber is an Australian reality TV star. He is among the youngest contestant on season 13 of the reality show, The Big Brother.

The new season of the highly appreciated show is already making its mark on social media platforms.

As of the latest update, six new intruders entered the infamous house on Monday, May 19, 2021. 

While housemate Ari Kimber revealed he is not happy with the shakeup. We are hoping to see some more exciting moments in the upcoming days.

For now net get to know about the self-proclaimed “master manipulator” of the show. Here are the details we know about him.

Is Ari From Big Brother Gay? 

Ari Kimber from Big Brother is Gay according to his official bio.

The reality star has already confirmed his sexuality for a very long time time.

Kimber is in a committed relationship with his boyfriend Alistair Clark.

The duo has been in a relationship since the beginning of the year 2021.

In fact, on April 30, 2021 episode, Kimber and his partner were spotted cuddling during a date night.

Alister Clark age is 20 years old, is a Wollongong-based student.

Ari Kimber Parents

Ari Kimber’s parents are out of the picture for now.

However, it seems that the youngster hails from a rich family in Sydney.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he is doing the job of Communications Manager at UHNWI communications.

However, to his bio, he wants nothing more than to work a “boring job” in his life.

Ari Kimber Net Worth

Ari Kimber has not revealed his net worth for now.

He has always mentioned himself as a young and rich lad in the show.

Kimber is a Law, communications, and neuropsychology student.

However, we do not know about his actual economy for now.

Meet him on Instagram 

Ari Kimber is active on the Instagram platform.

His username is “ari.kimber1” and has more than 7.9 k followers until today.



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