Is Benji Krol Hospitalized? Details On Suicide Attempt, Sexual Assault and JeyJey Gardi

Is Benji Krol Hospitalized? Details On Suicide Attempt, Sexual Assault and JeyJey Gardi

Is Benji Krol Hospitalized? Details On Suicide Attempt, Sexual Assault and JeyJey Gardi

Benji Krol is a social media personality who is widely known to the TikTok and Youtube fans in the world. According to the available information, Benji was born in the year 2000 and his birthday falls on the 14th of December. The social media personality was born in Brazil but currently resides in the capital of Spain, Madrid.

Name Benji Krol
Birthday December 14
Age 19 years
Gender Male
Nationality Spanish
Ethnicity Mixed
Profession TikTok star
Parents Andre and Alejandra
Siblings Two brother
Married/Single Single
Instagram benjikrol
Tiktok benjikrol
Youtube Benji Krol

Benji Krol and his boyfriend Jorge who are huge TikTok stars have been accused of sexual assault by one of the followers through an anonymous Twitter account. There has been a break up in the relationship between Benji and JeyJey Gardi.


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10 FActs on Benji Krol 

  1. Benji Krol has tried to commit suicide and has been hospitalized according to his apology statement for the fan whom he and his boyfriend assaulted. He is recovering and his life is not in danger anymore.
  2. The news of the TikTok star’s suicide attempt and his apology tweet for the fan has gone viral over the internet in the past few hours.
  3. Benji has 11 million followers on his TikTok account and his videos have received 611.3 million likes so far. The star has made himself a social media celebrity through the TikTok.
  4. The videos posted by Krol on TikTok recently have at least a million views and some of them have over 10 million views.
  5. On Instagram, Benji Krol has over 2 million followers and username is benjikrol. He has posted a huge number of pictures and selfies in his account.
  6. The TikTok star has no details of the formal education that he has received and the institution is currently associated with, on the internet.
  7. Benji has a self-titled youtube channel and there are 1.21 million subscribers on his channel. He uploads a variety of vlogs on the channel with many new faces in the videos.
  8. The TikTok star has admitted some of the allegations made against him are true and many of them are false through his social media account.
  9. Krol has written on the uncertainty of his relationship with JeyJey Gardi after the breakup. His boyfriend is laying low on social media for a few days now.
  10. The earnings and net worth of Benji Krol as of 2020 are unknown.

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