Is Benny Safdie Deaf? Wife Wikipedia, Age And Brother

Is Benny Safdie Really Deaf? Everything On The Actor

Is Benny Safdie Really Deaf? Everything On The Actor

Is Benny Safdie Deaf? Benny Safdie Deaf rumors have been debunked. He is not deaf and can hear very well.

Benny is a well-known actor and filmmaker. As a director, he is famous for the hit shows, including Good Time, Uncut Gems, Daddy Longlegs, The Black Balloon, etc.

Recently, HBO revealed that they have been planning to document Paul Reubens, a famous American actor. It has also been revealed that the Safdie Brothers will produce the show.

Meet Benny Safdie Wife Ava Safdie

Benny Safdie is married to his wife, Ava Safdie. The couples have been together for quite a while now. 

However, we do not know much about his wife, Ava. We cannot find her professional details on the internet. From Benny’s Instagram account, we have come to know that he shares a son with his wife. 

Benny Age And Wikipedia

Benny Safdie’s age is already 35 years, in 2021. He was born on February 24, 1986, in New York, USA.

We can’t find Benny Safdie’s personal Wikipedia. His information is available on IMDb, though. According to his profile, he has already appeared in almost 20 different shows as an actor and has directed approximately 21 different television series and movies. 

As a filmmaker, Safdie earns quite well. Thus, his net worth is considered to be in the millions. Currently, he resides with his family in his hometown, New York.

Everything On Benny Safdie Brother Josh Safdie

Benny Safdie has a very supportive brother, Joshua, aka Josh Safdie. The brothers were born to their parents, Amy Safdie and Alberto Safdie

Together, the brothers are recognized as the Safdie Brothers. There is a Wikipedia page assigned to Safdie Brothers, so we can’t find their personal Wikipedia pages. They have been dedicated to filmmaking since their father, Alberto, was also a film-enthusiast. 

When they were at Boston University, they co-founded Red Bucket Films. Now, they have won a series of awards, including Awards Circuit Community Award, the Independent Spirit Award, the John Cassavetes Award, the Best Original Screenplay at the National Board of Review, etc. 

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