Is Brittany Byrd Pregnant? Lil Uzi Vert Ex Net Worth Age And Death Rumors

Lil Uzi Vert Ex Girlfriend Death Rumors – Is Brittany Byrd Pregnant?

Lil Uzi Vert Ex Girlfriend Death Rumors – Is Brittany Byrd Pregnant?

Is Brittany Byrd pregnant? Continue reading to find out where Lil Uzi is ex girlfriend now.

Professionally, Brittany is a fine artist who is interested in clothing. Reportedly, she is the owner of Byrd Museum and Lili Luxe Planet. She is a model who represents Photogenics LA.

Moreover, she is a social media star with thousands of fans.

Is Brittany Byrd Pregnant?

Rumors have been urging that Brittany Byrd is pregnant.

However, these claims aren’t true. Probably, someone wants to spread fake rumors regarding her pregnancy.

She is on Instagram with 249 thousand followers. Looking at her recent post, we can confirm that she doesn’t have a pregnant belly. Furthermore, we aren’t sure if Brittany was pregnant previously. There are no pictures of any children on her Instagram.

So, we believe she doesn’t share any son or daughter with her present or previous partner. Also, we cannot confirm if she wants to conceive a baby.

Where is Lil Uzi Ex-Girlfriend Now?

Brittany Byrd is famous for being Lil Uzi’s ex-girlfriend.

According to LinkedIn, she is currently located in New York City. The visual artist had previously worked as an Editorial Archive Management intern at Art Partner. Recently, she claimed that her ex-partner had physically harmed her. Reportedly, she accused Lil of pointing a gun at her.

Also, he had allegedly struck her in the stomach. Later, Brittany filed a police case after he repeatedly punched her before fleeing.

Brittany Byrd Net Worth Explored

We can claim that Brittany Byrd’s estimated net worth is in the thousands.

However, we are not exactly sure about the amount. Nevertheless, some of the local sites confirm that she is worth $700 thousand. Indeed, her earnings are improving after she launched her own museum in 2019.

It’s been two years, and we believe that her net worth will hit a million mark in a few years.

Brittany Age: How Old Is She?

Capital Xtra confirms that Brittany Byrd’s age is 27 years old.

However, the site hasn’t mentioned her birthday details. The very young but talented artist, Byrd, is doing great and improving day by day. Right now, her details haven’t been presented on Wikipedia.

Nevertheless, she can be found on Twitter with over 17.5 thousand followers.

Everything To Know About Brittany Death Rumors

Brittany’s death rumors have been headlines for the past couple of days.

However, the artist is not really dead. But, she was hospitalized after her ex-partner attacked her with a gun.

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