Is Caren Pistorius Related To Oscar? Parents, Siblings And Family

Are Caren Pistorius And Oscar Pistorius Related? Here’s The Answer

Are Caren Pistorius And Oscar Pistorius Related? Here’s The Answer

Is Caren Pistorious related to Oscar? Learn if the South African actress is related to the convicted murderer. 

Caren Pistorius is an actress born in South Africa. However, she stars in movies from New Zealand. Caren is best known for portraying Rose Ross in the 2015 action movie Slow West.

Is Caren Related To Oscar Pistorious?

Is she Oscar Pistorius’s sibling? No, Caren is not related to Oscar Pistorious.

People often confuse her as the relative of Oscar as they share the same surname. 

In an interview with Now To Love, the actress acknowledged the rumor. She said that she is not annoyed by fans linking her with Oscar because her surname is different from New Zealanders and she understands why people are curious. She added that the surname is quite common in South Africa.

Oscar Pistorious is a former professional sprinter, who got arrested for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in 2015. The athlete was a multiple gold medal winner.

Caren Pistorious’s Parents

There is not much information on Caren’s parents. It is known that her parents were native South Africans.

They moved from South Africa to Auckland in 2002, when Caren was just 12 years old. They migrated because of the increasingly violent tensions in the country.

Caren claims to have a fond memory of her childhood in South Africa. 

After moving to Newzealand, Caren took up drama classes and started her acting career. She started her career with the TV show “The Legend of the Seeker” in 2009.

She made her big-screen debut in 2012 with “The Most Fun You Can Have Dying”. Her most recent movie was Unhinged. She starred in the film opposite the Oscar-winning actor Russel Crowe.

Her Siblings And Family Details

There are no details on Caren’s siblings and other family members.

She is not active on any social media platform which has made it even difficult to find out about her personal life.



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