Is Chap Ban On Twitch? Everything On Age, Net Worth and Girlfriend

Is Chap Banned On Twitch? Everything On Age, Net Worth and Girlfriend

Is Chap Banned On Twitch? Everything On Age, Net Worth and Girlfriend

Chap is a well-known gamer and live streamer. Is Chap ban on Twitch? It was back on April 6, 2018, when Twitch decided to ban one of the most followed Twitch streamers but as of today, he is not banned anymore. The reason behind his ban two years back was an unexpected move when he was found disclosing fraud to subscribe with Loop Twitch Prime

Name Chap (Alexis Barret)
Age 20-30
Gender Male
Nationality French
Profession Gamer, Streamer
Instagram @chap_gg
Twitter @Chap_GG
Youtube Chap
Facebook @ChapGG

However, his ban has now been uplifted and since October 21, 2020, he has already returned to his official Twitch account. What is Chap’s real name from Twitch? Talking more about his Twitch account, his username there is @chap_gg, and he has gained nearly 52.3 thousand followers already. Moving on with Chap’s real name, he is actually Alexis Barret

10 Facts on Chap:

  1. Chap’s age is exactly not known but from his looks, he is probably young and is definitely around his twenties currently.
  2. Moving on to his social media accounts, we can find him on Facebook (29.2 thousand followers), Instagram (24.3 thousand followers), Twitter (227.2 thousand followers), and YouTube (205 thousand subscribers). 
  3. Also, the estimated net worth of Chap is currently under investigation and we will find that out very soon.
  4. Currently, he is considered to be the co-founder of the gamers group named Solary
  5. Moreover, there is nothing to know about Chap’s girlfriend at the moment but we will find this information also very soon.
  6. To unban himself from Twitch, he even made a video where he asks Twitch about his unban 3,000 times in a row. 
  7. Furthermore, he is actually from Tours, France, which means that Chap’s nationality is considered to be French
  8. At this moment, we have no idea about his family members. 
  9. Currently, we do not have anything related to his height which is why are unknown about how tall Chap is currently. 
  10. Since he had a clause in his contract, he couldn’t stream on YouTube. 

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