Is Chipflake a Boy or Girl?

Chipflake Age Face Reveal: Is Chipflake a Boy or Girl?

Chipflake Age Face Reveal: Is Chipflake a Boy or Girl?

Chipflake fame has made people wonder about his age. Is his real face revealed? Here is everything you need to know about the YouTuber.

Chipflake is a well-known British YouTuber based in Germany. He is best known for creating Chip, the adorable animated cat.

Likewise, his entire YouTube Channel, @Chipflake, is dedicated to interesting anime based on his character, Chip.

In addition to YouTube, he also manages his merchandise. One can check out his merch at Chipflake Merch Shop.

Chipflake Age: How Old?

Chipflake’s age seems to be in his early-20s.

As the YouTuber has kept all his details private, we assumed his age based on one of his YouTube videos where he claimed to be in college.

Is Chipflake Face Revealed?

Chipflake is yet to reveal his face.

Though there are rumors on the internet about his face being revealed, none of them seems to be true.

Even though the YouTuber’s face has not been revealed, his popularity seems unaffected.

His cute animated cate named Chip seems to have attracted many subscribers (824K) on his YouTube channel.

Chipflake: Real Name Explained

Chipflake has not revealed his real name too.

He is known by his anonym Chipflake. Despite being a well-known YouTuber, he prioritizes his privacy, which may explain why he has been unable to disclose his real name and face.

Is the YouTuber Boy Or Girl?

The YouTuber seems to be a trans.

As per the source, the YouTuber had added a rainbow flag neckerchief on his character for the pride month of June in 2017/18.

Similarly, he prefers male pronouns like he/him.

Meet Him On Instagram

The YouTuber is available on Instagram under the handle @chipflake.

He joined the platform in 2016 and has earned 31.3k followers since then.

In addition to Instagram, one can also follow him on Twitter as he is more active there.

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