Is Dababy On Twitch? Ninja And Hasan Think So

Is Rapper Dababy On Twitch? Ninja And Hasan Think So

Is Rapper Dababy On Twitch? Ninja And Hasan Think So

Is Dababy On Twitch? Famous streamers Ninja and Hasan think so. Also you might wonder if he is using the platform.

Dababy, one of the prominent rappers in the United States, came across the headlines after allegedly flaunting on the other Twitch streamers’ chat section. See if he is really into using Twitch.

The rapper has already earned prominence with his hit songs, including ROCKSTAR, Throat Baby, Under The Sun, NASTY, FIND MY WAY, Suge, JUMP, GO, and many others.

Is Dababy on Twitch?

Ninja and Hasan confused him for someone on Twitch. Or is it himself?

But it is a baffling insight since he has not officially confirmed his entrance to the video streaming platform.

Nonetheless, he has kept many Twitch Streamers scratch their head. The recent news updates suggest that the rapper made a random appearance on Twitch, and many struggled to figure out whether it’s real Dababy or else.

Famous Streamers Ninja And Hasan Thinks So

Of course, the famous Twitch Streamers Ninja and Hasan thinks that Dababy is on Twitch.

Since the rapper made a random appearance on their twitch lately, they perceive the fact. Ninja even tweeted the picture of his gameplay of Among Us on Twitter, asking the rapper if it was him.

Another twitch streamer Jack “Courage” Dunlop, followed his tweet and responded that the guy (probably Dababy) was on TimTheTatMan’s chat as well.

Similarly, Hasan, too, got excited to find Dababy on Twitch. He checked out the rapper’s twitch profile, which suggested that his Twitch account was created back on September 12, 2020.

Does He Stream?

No, Dababy does not stream.

There’s a Twitch account under his name with more than 16k followers. But there are no videos on the profile.

Critically, there’s a chance of the account being an imposter. But if it’s the actual Dababy, he will be another music artist after Doja Cat joined the platform.

Dababy’s probable presence on twitch has also piqued the Reddit discussion.

Many users are following with their response that they found an imposter with his name. However, the factual data is yet to come.

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