Is Dakota Kai Gay? Know If She Is Single Or Has A Boyfriend

Is Dakota Kai Single Or Does She Have A Boyfriend? Gay Rumors Surface The Internet

Is Dakota Kai Single Or Does She Have A Boyfriend? Gay Rumors Surface The Internet

Is Dakota Kai Gay? No there is no evidence that she is gay. Find if she is single or has a boyfriend.

In 2021, Dakota won the inaugural Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic along with Raquel Gonzalez.

Yet, there is much scrutiny on another thing about Dakota. Fans are eager to know her sexuality. 

Is Dakota Kai Gay? Everything on Her

There is no proof that Dakota Kai is gay.

There are plenty of gossips on Dokta Kai’s sexuality. According to the rumors, she is allegedly dating her fellow wrestler, Shayna Baszler.

In 2019, a Facebook page named Wrestling Bible claimed that Shayna’s father accidentally slipped that Kai and Baszler visited him together last winter. Similarly, fans have also noticed Shayna and Dakota together in twitch streams.

In fact, Shayna Baszler openly identifies her sexuality as bisexual. In 2013, she came out to the world after stating she dates both men and women.

However, neither of them has confirmed their relationship yet.

Likewise, Dakota remains secretive about her partner’s choices. Therefore, we do not want to jump to any conclusions. 

Know If Dakota Kai Is Single Or Has A Boyfriend

Dakota Kai has not disclosed her single or has a boyfriend.

Though the athlete loves to talk about her profession, her personal life is very secretive. Dakota has never revealed who is she dating.

We speculate she is busy winning wrestling titles for now. 

There are no reports if Dakota has any boyfriends. 

In the past, some people alleged that Dakota Kai’s girlfriend was another women wrestler, Nixon Newell. However, those rumors were never confirmed as well.

Dakota Kai Sexuality

It is up to Dakota Kai to talk about her partner choices.

Whether Kai is a member of the LGBTQ+ community or not, it’s up to her. Only Kai can open about her sexuality now. 

Born on May 6, 1988, Dakota Kai is the age of 33 years old.

She is a native of Upolu in Samoa. Furthermore, her sister, Nyrene, is also an MMA artist. 

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