Is David Gulpilil Still Alive Or Dead? Illness And Family Children

David Gulpilil Health Update: Is He Alive Or Dead?

David Gulpilil Health Update: Is He Alive Or Dead?

Is David Gulpilil alive or dead? Yes, Gulpilil is alive but his health condition is not good. 

David Gulpilil has rededicated himself to the service of his own indigenous community with a particular focus on the problems of Aboriginal youth.

He has been a major creative influence throughout his life in both dance and film.

A documentary about his life, Gulpilil: One Red Blood, was aired on ABC Television in 2003. The title comes from a quote by Gulpilil: “We are all one blood. No matter where we are from, we are all one blood, the same.”

Is David Gulpilil Still Alive Or Dead?

David Gulpilil is alive and kicking and is currently 67 years old. He was born on July 22, 1953.

Further, David belongs to the Indigenous Australian traditional dancer and actor.

A native speaker of the Mandhalpuyngu language, he grew up in Australia’s Northern Territory as a member of the Yolngu indigenous ethnic group. Likewise, he is a Yolngu man who was raised in a traditional lifestyle in Arnhem Land in northern Australia.

Gulpilil was a skilled dancer as a young man when British director Nicholas Roeg discovered his talent.

David Gulpilil Illness & Cancer Update

Gulpilil retired from acting in 2019 and was diagnosed with lung cancer, which prevented him from attending the 2019 NAIDOC Awards, where he was recognized with the lifetime achievement award.

In early 2017, when the legendary actor David Gulpilil was diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer and advised that he had only months to live.

He has been receiving treatment for his cancer and emphysema in Murray Bridge which is about 70km from Adelaide. Despite his prolific cinematic career, Gulpilil said he did not have the finances to travel north.

Even if he could afford the travel, Gulpilil said he was uncertain he would be able to access the specialist health care he needs to survive while staying in the Northern Territory.

In 2018, Gulpilil’s illness forced him to pull out of the main role in director Stephen Johnson’s outback Territory epic, the yet-to-be-released High Ground starring Jack Thompson.

David Gulpilil Family & Children

Gulpilil has been married twice to his first wife Robyn Djunginy and his second Miriam Ashley. 

Moreover, he divorced Robyn and currently is in a relationship with his wife Miriam. David has two daughters: Phoebe Marson and MaKia McLaughlin. 

Where Does David Gulpilil Live?

David Gulpilil lives in Murray Bridge, South Australia, with his carer Mary, far from his original home in Arnhem Land. 

Furthermore, Reynolds largely lets Gulpilil tell his own story, whether through recent interviews, film clips, stage performance excerpts, or archival footage.

Similarly, My Name is Gulpilil is not the first film made about the actor. Nor does it seek to be a comprehensive or even traditional biographical account. 

The multi-talented David Gulpilil OAM has won this year’s Red Ochre Award. It is the highest peer-assessed award for an Indigenous artist with prize money of $50,000. 

His artwork has been put on sale, and many eyes have come across to check the most iconic and recognized paintings in Australia. 

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