Is Deborah Czeresko Trans? Everything On Gender, Autism and Net Worth

Deborah Czeresko Transgender Hoax Debunked, Everything To Know About

Deborah Czeresko Transgender Hoax Debunked, Everything To Know About

People are incredibly interested to know if Deborah Czeresko Trans? Deborah Czeresko is an American glassblower personality best known for winning the first season of the Netflix series, Blown Away. Deborah has over 30 years of working experience with glass. 

Quick Facts: Deborah Czeresko Transgender Hoax Debunked, Everything To Know About

Name Deborah Czeresko
Birthday July 27, 1961
Age 59 years
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Glass Artist, Glassblowing Instructor
Education Rutgers University, Tulane University
Instagram dczeey

The artist Deborah Czeresko began working with glass at the New York Experimental Glass Workshop in 1987. The artist dedicated her life to the sculpture and painting of the glasses.

She has also taught at many universities in the United States and Europe. 

Is Deborah Czeresko Transgender? Everything on Gender:

Deborah Czeresko is the winner, and runaway star, of the streaming giant’s recent reality competition Netflix series Blown Away. Although Deborah Czeresko’s gender is female, there is a rumor that she is marginalized as a woman and a lesbian (never said formally but implied it). Although Deborah’s gender is considered female, her sexual preference is Lesbian, according to edailybuzz.

Although the rumor is not officially verified, Deborah played up feminism and her sexuality. The artist’s current practice revolves around introducing gender into the tradition of glassmaking. 

Deborah feels that the techniques used in glassmaking are a kind of knowledge that comes through the body and her work. She said, “it represents something much greater, about owning your body as a woman, especially in this day and age”.

Deborah Czeresko Wikipedia Age And Bio:

Deborah Czeresko was born on July 27, 1961, in the United States. As of 2021, Deborah Czeresko’s age is 59 years old. According to the information available on Wikipedia, Deborah served as board of directors for UrbanGlass, based in Brooklyn, from 2008 to 2018.  

Considering Deborah Czeresko’s bio, her works are in the Museum of Americ Glass’s permanent collection in Millville, New Jersey, Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, and Frauenau Glass Museum. 

Career, Autism And Net Worth:

Looking at the news on Austim, Deborah Czeresko introduced herself as having a “polarizing personality”; I have lovers, and I have haters. 

Talking about Deborah Czeresko’s career, she graduated from Rutgers University in 1983 and graduated from Tulane University in 1992. In the year 2019, she won the first season of the Netflix popular series, Blown Away. Despite being a successful personality Deborah Czeresko’s net worth is still under review and hasn’t been made public yet.

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