Is Duke Dennis In Jail? Arrested Mug Shot And Military Charges

Is Duke Dennis In Jail? Arrested Mug Shot And Military Charges

Is Duke Dennis In Jail? Arrested Mug Shot And Military Charges

Is Duke Dennis In Jail? Everything about the Youtuber arrested mug shot and military charges. 

One of the popular content creators on Youtube, Duke Dennis has recently been arrested when something from his past caught up to him. The NBA digital gamer is being talked about across the internet following those rumors. 

The rumors initially started when a photo of his mugshot was released on social media. The creator himself has talked about being arrested on his Twitch streams but pleads that he is innocent. 

Is Duke Dennis in Jail?

Duke Dennis was arrested and jailed a few days back. He talked about going to be arrested in one of his streams. 

However, the Youtube content creator has pleaded his innocence and said that not everyone who got arrested is guilty. 

So, the 27-year-old did go to jail and stayed under custody for some time. But as of now, he is not in jail anymore. He is back and even streaming on Twitch. 

After his return from custody, the NBA 2K gamer talked about his arrest on Twitch. He confirmed that they were just allegations and he was never guilty of the charges. 

Duke Dennis Arrested Mug Shot and Military Charges

Duke Dennis was seen with a mugshot photo that linked him with several charges. 

As per the reports, Duke was accused of three criminal charges. One of them was domestic violence and the other one was a sexual assault against a minor. 

The streamer has confirmed that the events took place when he was in high school and he didn’t do anything that makes him guilty. 

However, the third charge is still unknown and seems to be related to the military. It is because Dennis actually served in the US Army before he turned out to be a full-time streamer. 

During his time in the military, he was involved in a shooting that included his cousin, according to his recent Twitch streams.


Duke Dennis Real Name: Meet him on Instagram

Duke Dennis goes with his real name on Youtube and Twitch. 

As of now, he has already amassed more than 1.6 million followers on his Youtube channel. 

Moreover, one can also follow him on Instagram. His Insta account beams up with over 580k followers already. 

Duke Dennis started uploading NBA 2K videos on Youtube and Twitch in 2017. He often posts reaction videos as well. 

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