Is Emily Artful Trans? Her Husband And Real Name Revealed

Who Is Is Emily Artful? Her Husband And Gender Details

Who Is Is Emily Artful? Her Husband And Gender Details

Is Emily Artful Trans? No, Emily is not trans.

Sexuality has raised questions recently but Artful has a husband and a son. Details here!

Emily Artful is an accomplished YouTuber based in the United States. She is an artist who uploads fun storytimes, life advice, and comedy videos along with her art on her channel.

She specializes in watercolor and gouache paintings.

As of now, she is in the highlights after she exposed Creepshow Art via her latest youtube video.

Is Emily Artful Trans?

No, Emily Artful is not trans. She is straight.

So, her being trans is nothing but a hoax.

Emily Artful Husband: Is She Married?

Emily Artful’s husband’s details are unavailable.

However, she is a married woman. And, her husband is even seen in some of her YouTube videos.

But as of now, she has not revealed any of his personal details.

Similarly, Emily has a son born in 2017.

What Is Her Real Name?

Emily Artful’s real name is not confirmed.

Though we are confident about her first name being Emily, her last name is quite a mystery.

Her Age: How Old?

Emily Artful’s age is 29 years as of 2021. 

As per Famous Birthdays, she was born in the year 1992 and her birthday falls on 3rd January every year.

Similarly, she holds American nationality as her birthplace is the United States.

Apart from this not much of her Wikipedia bio details are disclosed.

Emily Artful Controversy Explained

Emily Artful is recently in controversy.

Her name has been buzzing since she exposed a fellow YouTuber named Creepshow Art.

She stated that she has been stalked multiple times by Creepshow and her husband Anthony Parker.

She also claimed in her video that Anthony was her abusive ex-partner.

So, Emily stepped up and exposed the YouTuber in her recent video.

As of now, the Creepshow Art YouTube channel seems to be removed.

Her Net Worth

Emily’s net worth is unknown.

However, we are confident that she has been earning a great sum of money from her art and YouTube career.

Meet Emily On YouTube

Emily Artful’s YouTube channel name is @Emily Artful.

She began her channel in 2014 and has earned 474k subscribers.

As per her YouTube bio, she states that her YouTube videos revolve around human experience and art.

In addition to YouTube, she is also on Instagram under the handle @emilyartful.

She has 50.4k followers on her account.


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