Is Eugenio Siller Gay? Wife Partner And Dating Life

Actor Eugenio Siller Wife and Gay Rumors: Did He Ever Come Out?

Actor Eugenio Siller Wife and Gay Rumors: Did He Ever Come Out?

Is Eugenio Siller Gay? He appeared as a gay character on Who Killed Sara? Let us know his partners and dating life.

Eugenio is an actor and model. He is known for his appearances on Rebelde, Codigo Postal, and many more.

Is Eugenio Siller Gay? Rumors and Sexuality

It is yet to be confirmed whether or not Eugenio Siller is gay.

Siller has not made any words about his sexuality. He is yet to make any comments regarding his sexuality on media.

There are tons of rumors surrounding social media calling him gay. Actually, the rumors were born when he revealed he stays with his best friend. Since then the people have been raising questions about his sexuality.

The Mexican actor spends a big chunk of his time with his best friend. Also, he is reportedly not in a relationship with any other woman as of now. As a result, the gay rumors got space in the media.

In fact, he played the role of a gay character in the series Who Killed Sara? There he is estranged from his family after he came out as gay.

The doubts and uncertainties will be cleared once he opens up about his sexuality to the media. But that does not seem to happen for a while. The actor has been away from public eyes for some time now.

Eugenio Siller Wife: Is He Married?

Eugenio Siller’s wife is not present.

It means Siller is not married yet. Also, he does not expect to marry anytime soon as of now.

The 40-year-old recently appeared in a NetFlix series Who Killed Sara? The second season of the thriller series premiered on the 19th of May 2021. 

There he appears as Jose Maria Lazcano. Lazcano is a gay character in the series.

Eugenio Siller Partner: His Dating Life

Eugenio Siller does not have a partner as of now.

It appears Siller is single at present. He preferred spending some time alone.

Eugenio has shared his dating life with a few female celebrities. He dated Altair Jarabo in 2007.

Siller’s partner was Danna Paola in 2016. Also, he dated Maite Perroni around 2009.

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