Is Gavin Houston Gay In Real Life? His Girlfriend Wife And Daughter

Is Jeffrey From The Haves And Have Nots Gay In Real Life? Gavin Houston Sexuality Explored

Is Jeffrey From The Haves And Have Nots Gay In Real Life? Gavin Houston Sexuality Explored

Is Gavin Houston aka Jeffery from The Haves And Have Nots gay in real life? The answer is no. 

Gavin Alexander Houston is an American actor. He rose to fame as Jeffrey Harrington in Oprah Winfrey’s network show, The Haves And Have Nots. 

Likewise, Houston has garnered scrutiny for his alleged gay sexuality – which is not true. 

Is Gavin Houston Gay In Real Life?

No, Gavin Houston is not gay in real life.

Gavin Houston portrays the role of a gay character named Jeffery in the hit TV series The Haves And Have Nots. The first episode of the show depicts Jeffery’s struggle to come out to his powerful parents.

Though Jeffery’s dad is supportive of his sexuality, his mother is a different story. The rest show focuses on crime and drama in a typical soap opera style.

Due to his onscreen gay role, many people speculate that Gavin Houston may have a gay partner in real life. However, the rumours are completely false.

Till now, Houston has never identified his sexuality as gay, bi, or even in the LGBTQ+ spectrum. We guess he is just a good actor, who can embody his character in reel. 

Gavin Houston Rumored Girlfriend

Gavin Houston has never revealed his girlfriend.

Back in 2018, it was rumoured that Gavin was dating a girl named Leigh. In fact, they had travelled to Puerto Vallarta Mexico to spend some quality time with each other.

The Bay actor even posted a picture with Leigh with the caption “Enjoying my time with Leigh”. However, the alleged relationship was never confirmed.

Moreover, the two- if they had any relationship- seem to have gone separate ways now. Gavin has even removed all the pictures with Leigh from his social media.

Gavin Houston Sweet Relationship With His Daughter

Gavin Houston is a father to a daughter. 

The 47 years old actor remarks to his only child as his greatest inspiration. Despite his busy schedule, he always makes sure to spend time with his daughter.

However, Gavin Houston has never revealed his wife or baby mama. 

Gavin prefers a lowkey and private life for his daughter. Despite being an expert on camera, he keeps his private life away from the flashes. 

Gavin Houston’s family is of Guyanese and Brazilian descent. 

He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York by his parents Lloyd and Colette Houston. Now, he resides in NY city with his daughter. Furthermore, he also lived in Florida for a while to attend the University of Florida.

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