Is He Boulder Shooting Suspect?

Social Media Users Claim Thomas Elliot Hayner Is A Boulder Shooter: Is He Though?

Social Media Users Claim Thomas Elliot Hayner Is A Boulder Shooter: Is He Though?

Thomas Elliot Hayner is identified as a potential gunman in Boulder Shooting.

Gun Violence continues to threaten American citizens. The recent incident took place in Boulder, Colorado, on Monday. Now, social media claims Thomas Elliot Hayner might be the alleged shooter. 

Thomas Elliot Hayner Wiki: Is He Boulder Shooting Suspect? 

Thomas Elliot Hayner is a suspect in the Boulder Shooting case.

Twitter users suspected Thomas as the shooter after someone claimed they heard “Thomas Hangar or Hayner” over the police radio. Likewise, Hayner’s photo even matched with the suspect’s photo. Furthermore, his address was 20 miles away from the crime scene. 

Thomas Elliot Hayner’s Wiki page is absent. 

This is not the first time police arrested Thomas. In 2015, Elliot was charged with harassment as well as murder threats. However, the police have not confirmed Thomas’s link to Boulder Shooting yet. 

Explore Thomas’s Wife and Family Background

Thomas Elliot Hayner’s wife and family prefer to protect their identity.

Speaking about his background, Thomas Elliot Hayner is a native of New Jersey. Born on May 5, 1983, Thomas Elliot Hayner’s age is 32 years old. Furthermore, the American police identify Thomas as a White male and 5 feet 7 inches in height.

In August 2020, the police arrested Thomas Elliot Hayner for failing to appear in court. He was later released with a $100,000 USD bail. According to reports, he is now on the run with a white 1990 Ford Van and rides a Colorado license plate of 281WQX.

The Colorado Shooting 

Thomas Elliot Hayner and the Colorado Shooting case occurred on March 22, 2021.  

The gunman killed at least 10 people, including a police officer, on Monday. The incident took place in a grocery store at 2:30 p.m. local time. Similarly, the shooter carried a rifle and went on a shooting row with the police. 

With his history of drug and violent crime, Thomas Elliot Hayner might or might not be the devil. However, the police have decided to provide limited info on the suspect. 

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