Is He Dating Jessica Gomes? 2019

Dusty Martin Girlfriend : Is He Dating Jessica Gomes?

Dusty Martin Girlfriend : Is He Dating Jessica Gomes?

AFL footballer Dusty Martin has been spotted having dinner with model Jessica Gomes. As per sources both of them have been seen on dinner dates with each other.

Dusty Martin is an Australian Rules Footballer playing in AFL(Australian Football League).

Martin has been seen having dinner with Australian Model Jessica Gomes.

As per sources the pair have been meeting and going for dinner in Melbourn.

Both Dusty and Jessica have not revealed anything about their dating life.

Is Dusty Martin Dating Jessica Gomes?

The rumored pair has not said anything about their dating.

Jessica told she doesn’t like to talk about her private life when she was asked about these rumors.

They were said to have a lot of dinner dates this year but we still don’t know when and where.

Ralph Carr the manager of Dusty Martin didn’t comment anything about these rumors.

Jessica is a model who appeared in the American Sports magazine Sports Illustrated from 2008 to 2015.

Jessica’s age is 35 years old, she was born on 25 September 1985.

Learn about Dusty Martin Girlfriend

Dusty Martin is single or not is still not confirmed.

He was dating Tania Acitelli who is a food blogger and physiotherapist from Sydney.

Martin took Tania to Tommy Hislop’s party for his daughter’s first birthday.

The pair started to date in December 2018 and were together till half of 2019.

Some sources say Dusty was also seeing former girlfriend of Mitchell Pearce, Phoebe Carpenter.

There were also rumors about Dusty dating Chontelle Berryman who is a former star of Beauty And The Geek.

Both have denied these rumors of their dating.

Is Dusty Martin married?

Dusty Martin is not married, he is still a bachelor.

Dusty is 29 years old. He was born in born 26 June 1991.

Martin is 6 feet 2 inches tall, his weight is 93 kg.

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