Is He Found Or Still Missing?

Is 11-Year-Old Xavier Harrelson Still Missing Or Found? His Parents Details

Is 11-Year-Old Xavier Harrelson Still Missing Or Found? His Parents Details

Xavier Harrelson parents are now expanding the search team with the help of the police. Has He Not Been Found Yet? See The Details.

Every year over 600,000 people go missing in the United States of America.

Some are found, while others met an unfortunate fate. Likewise, Iowans are praying for the safety of the missing 11 years old Xavier Harrelson.

Xavier Harrelson Parents: His Mom Situation

Xavier Harrelson’s parents are distraught by his disappearance.

On May 27, 2021, Xavier Harrelson left his home in Spruce Village Mobile Home Park, Iowa. However, he never came back. Eventually, Harrelson’s family immediately reported to the police as it was very unusual behavior for him.

According to Xavier Harrelson’s mom, she thought he had gone out with his friends.

In fact, he was last seen on his bike near his house at 11 am on Thursday. Yet, people have no reports of him after that.

Till now, the Harrelson family has not given any public statement on the case. Nevertheless, they are corporating with the police to find their child. 

Is Xavier Harrelson Found Or Still Missing?

Xavier Harrelson is not found yet and remains still missing.

The police have no evidence regarding the case to date. On the other hand, they have intensified the search team. Over the weekends, over 500 volunteers gathered to look for Harrelson.

Now, the police have expanded the search to Diamond Lake County Park. The park, which is roughly 660 acres of wooded land and a 90-acre lake, is less than a mile away from Xavier’s house. 

In addition, police are not ruling out any act of foul play. They are trying to investigate the case from every angle.

Search Team For Missing Xavier Harrelson

Xavier Harrelson just turned the age of 11 years old on May 30, 2021.

He stands 4 feet and 8 inches tall and around 45kg (100lbs). Furthermore, he is apparently wearing a red t-shirt and blue trousers. 

Everyone from relatives, families, and local people have amassed to find Xavier. Similarly, the police have even deployed dogs, horses, drones, aircraft, and heat sensors. 

Furthermore, the Iowa police have requested to provide any CCTV footage related to the case if available. 

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