Is He Kenneth Petty Son?

Who is Blattino Petty? Everything To Know

Who is Blattino Petty? Everything To Know

Blattino Petty is a rapper and internet personality who is trending on the internet. Let us find out more details about the rapper below.

Blattino Petty has claimed to be the son of Kenneth Petty. Kenneth Petty is the Husband of famous American rapper Nicki Minaj.

Blattino Petty has recorded a couple so songs and we all can listen to his songs from SoundCloud.

After getting limelight on the internet his social media accounts have been deleted from the internet but there are many pieces of information regarding the rapper on other sites and media houses.

Blattino Petty Parents: Is He Kenneth Petty Son?

Blattino Petty is the alleged son of Kenneth Petty. however information regarding his parents hasn’t come to the surface yet.

According to some reports he was born to catholic parents on the island of Puerto Rico.

He has claimed to be the son of Kenneth Petty but Kenneth Petty hasn’t reacted to any of his allegations. He has neither accepted nor denied the fact so there is still a mystery behind the truth. We hope it will be revealed soon.

Blattino Petty Age and Wikipedia

Blattino petty’s actual age is 19 years old.

He was born in the year 2002 on November 13.

Looking at his birth date his zodiac sign is is Scorpio. According to the cultural beliefs, people with the zodiac sign are brave loyal honest intelligent and have a very good quality of giving proper advice but we think right now he is in the need of proper advice.

Blattino Petty hasn’t been featured on the Wikipedia page currently. Once he is more famous and sensational we are sure he is going to be featured on Wikipedia.

Blattino Petty On Instagram

Blattino Petty has opened his official Instagram account. He has opened his account under his username @blattino_1.

In his Instagram account, he has a total of 207 followers and 17 posts.

He has followed a total of eight people. 

His posts are mostly about his songs and raps. Looking at his post he seems to be a very badass person.

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