Is He Married To Girlfriend Brittany Higgins?

David Sharaz Wife: Is He Married To Girlfriend Brittany Higgins?

David Sharaz Wife: Is He Married To Girlfriend Brittany Higgins?

David Sharaz wife Brittany Higgins is the parliament staffer. She recently made the news for rape allegations in the Parliament House.

David Sharaz is a journalist who has worked with several big media houses. Some of the companies are Media Advisor, Sky News, Mix 106.3, World News Australia, Capital Radio Network, and many more.

After the news, Brittany Higgins’s rape allegations became public, David Sharaz was left with no choice so he quit his job.

Is David Sharaz Married To Brittany Higgins?

David Sharaz is married to his longtime girlfriend Brittany Higgins. Brittany works at the Prime Minister’s office and is one of the most accomplished staff in the Morrison Government.

According to, Higgins claimed that in 2019, she was raped in the Parliament House.

Brittany felt the pressure to either choose her work or report the crime to the cops, and she decided to stay with the job. Brittany Higgins finally talked about the matter after being inspired by Grace Tame, an activist for the survivors of assaults.

Why Did David Sharaz Leave His Job?

David Sharaz quit his job at a media monitoring company because of the fears that the Morrison Government might tear down the company due to Brittany’s rape allegations.

He feared that the government might scrap the company’s governmental contracts.

Sharaz worked at Sky News and SBS previously. David began his career as an Intern at CNN and The Canberra Times. Sharaz’s seniors and boss were very supportive and gave him time off to support his wife, reports Seven News.

Meet David Sharaz on Twitter

David Sharaz’s Twitter account was created in February 2021. He has 327 followers so far, and his Twitter bio says #IStandWithBrittanyHiggins.

David went to the University of Canberra and graduated with a degree in Journalism in 2013. Sharaz also went to the University of New England (AU) for a degree in Law.

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