Is He Still In Jail?

Where Is Christopher Scarver Today? Job, Family And Wikipedia: Is He Still In Jail?

Where Is Christopher Scarver Today? Job, Family And Wikipedia: Is He Still In Jail?

People are highly wondering where is Christopher Scarver now? Christopher Scarver is an African-American convicted murderer sentenced to life imprisonment without the option of parole. 

The 50 years old murderer is best known for murdering his fellow prisoners Jeffrey Dahmer and Jesse Anderson. He was sentenced to ‘Columbia Correctional Institutes’ in portage, Wisconsin, after killing Steve Lohman when he gave him $15 less than demanding money.

Where Is Christopher Scarver Today? Is He Still In Jail?

Answer to all the questions, Christopher is still in jail, serving his life imprisonment, and he is self-publishing his poetry. In 2015 he spoke about killing Dahmer to New York Post, which was the last headline he made. 

Scarver killed Jeffrey Dahmer and Jesse Andreson on Nov 28, 1994, when three were assigned to work, including him cleaning the prison gymnasium toilet. Christopher used a 20-inch preacher bar to beat the other two when corrections officers left them unsupervised.

About Family And Wikipedia

Wikipedia features the life long story and biography about Christopher. Christopher Scarver was born on July 6, 1969, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US. He has five siblings and is second-eldest among them. Scarver has a son named Christopher Scarver Jr with his High School girlfriend, Jackal Evans.

Christopher was thrown out in eleventh grade from ‘James Madison High School due to his low academic performance and lack of discipline. At that same time, his mother threw him out of the house as he started consuming alcohol and drugs. 

Christopher Scarver’s Job and Net Worth!!

Scarver was hired as the trainee for a carpenter’s position by the Wisconsin Conservation Corps job program. He was promised a permanent job after the competition of his training by his supervisor, Edward Patts.

Scarver’s net worth is estimated (2020 estimate) to be in millions. Most of the income which contributes to his total net worth is mostly from being a successful Murder. 

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