Is HGTV Designer Monica Pedersen Married?

Where Is HGTV Designer Monica Pedersen Now In 2020?

Where Is HGTV Designer Monica Pedersen Now In 2020?

Monica Pedersen, the host of HGTV Dream Home Giveaway 2011 and other various shows is a famous Tv personality. Most of her credits are with HGTV.

In addition to this, she also gives clients advice on how to sell and buy real estate. Pedersen takes her talents as an interior designer and presents it to people who want to remodel their homes just before selling it. 

Where Is HGTV Designer Monica Pedersen Now In 2020?

Pederson has fallen off the radar but might still be active as an interior designer. She came into prominence after her appearances on various HGTV shows. 

Monica Pedersen Husband: Is She Married? 

The star is married to Erik Pedersen, she had her first child in July 2013 as per Chicago Splash. 

Monica and Erik have been married for more than 21 years. They likely got married in 1997

Monica Pederson’s Age & Early Life

As per an article in the Chicago Splash, she was 35 years old in 2005. So, the star is around 50 years old in 2020. She was born in Wood Dale, Illinois, USA, and is a twin. 

Monica may be a celebrity in 2020 but she has had an alarmingly difficult childhood filled with grief. In fact, she said that she was afraid to have kids because of the losses she faced in life. 

In an interview, she told her fans “I’ve had some big losses in my life, and was afraid to love someone that much. But the timing is perfect. I told my husband that I think this will be the best year of my life.”

While growing up in Wood Dale, she went to a local high school. At a point when she was in high school, her twin brother committed suicide.

She moved on from the incident and was studying journalism degree at Columbia College Chicago. After this, her parents who had been married for 37 years divorced in 1995, shortly after she graduated. 

Another tragedy was soon to fall on her as her sister, Michele died of heart disease in 2008, she had no prior medical history of the disease. 

Due to her parent’s divorce, she put her dream of becoming a journalist on TV on hold. Then, she pursued a career in modeling. Due to her new job, she had some financial freedom. 

Her Modeling Career helped Her Travel The World

After starting modeling, she had the opportunity to travel the world and go to shows in Germany and Milan. 

No matter how far she went, the model returned to her family and home in Chicago. 

During one of her trips, she had an epiphany when her parents needed their house remodeled. She discovered that she could design houses and their interiors pretty well. 

Career In Design

When she was 35, she changed her career and became a professional designer. She contacted her agent and they helped her find a job in designing.

Her early years in the business were not easy as she had to work in commercials including a Sears commercial that she got only because she knew how to use a drill. 

After several small roles, Monica was called up by HGTV who told her that they knew she was good with tools but wanted to see if she could decorate.  

The designer/model auditioned for 5 months before she finally landed a job on “Designed to Sell,”. After a while there, she got roles in various other design and remodeling shows. 

In 2012, she got the job of the host on HGTV Dream Home. Similarly, on April 14, 2013, Monica hosted the “HGTV Smart Home Giveaway,

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