Is It A New TikTok House Lyk Hype House

What Is University Of Diversity TikTok: Is It A New TikTok House Lyk Hype House
What Is University Of Diversity TikTok: Is It A New TikTok House Lyk Hype House

The University of Diversity TikTok is getting a lot of viewers on social media, recently. Well, there have been a few TikTok houses in the past, and the University of Diversity TikTok seems to add a pile on TikTok house. You might have heard about Hype House, a TikTok house that brought together some popular TikTokers who joined hands to create better content for the social media.

If you haven’t heard about the University of Diversity TikTok, ask the youngsters around you. These days, the youths are deeply involved in social media like TikTok and are familiar with every trend and challenge that whistles on the app. If you don’t have teenagers in life who can tell you about the new TikTok house, you will let you know. Just keep scrolling.

What Is the University Of Diversity TikTok? A new TikTok house

The University of Diversity is as good as a TikTok house. Unlike other TikTok trends and challenges which rode high on humor and less on a social cause, this TikTok house is filling the holes.

Finally, something good to look forward to on TikTok. TikTok has mostly been a platform for youngsters or teenagers to get fame or earn some money. 


TO APPLY: TAG us and USE ##theuniversityofdiversity in any creative video of your liking. GOODLUCK ❤️

♬ Oui – walkingdrip

Once in a blue moon, TikTok offers something so socially involved that is hard to neglect. The new TikTok house, the University of Diversity is here doing the thing a social media is supposed to pull off, talking some sense. 

The University of Diversity TikTok, here you will find people of different races and colors sharing information of social cause and humor, as well. The best thing on the University of Diversity TikTok so far has been the post from a TikToker named Alex Robinson. His TikTok post shedding lights on #blacklifematters is really inspiring. Check his post here.


Reply to @sturdysock I’m sorry what were you saying 🧐 anywho Chile, click link in bio to help out for the movement ❤️

♬ my magnum opus – pekyams

Gradually, the University of Diversity TikTok is growing as popular as once the Hype House did. Hype House is also a TikTok house that has a lot of fan following on TikTok.

Hype House TikTok

Hype House TikTok is also a TikTok house just like the University of Diversity TikTok. The Hype House was a collective work of 20 popular TikTokers who film at the same place. They operate from a beautiful mansion located in Los Angeles, California. Four of the members of Hype House permanently live in the mansion, while others come and go.

Famous TikTokers like Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson are the minds of Hype House. The group focuses on dancing videos. Meanwhile, the University of Diversity TikTok has videos on several issues; sometimes humor and sometimes social lessons.

Chase Hudson was the TikToker who started Hype House. Her decision has really paid her off, both in terms of followers and monetary benefit. Here, you might be wondering who started the University of Diversity TikTok? Are you?

Who Started the University of Diversity TikTok?

The very first TikTok video on the University of Diversity TikTok surfaced on the social media on December 24, 2019. A gorgeous lady of black ethnicity with curly hair shared the first video of this new TikTok house. So far, the video has 253.4k hearts and 11.5k comments and 1.7 million video views.


Where it at tho?👀👀

♬ this is for rachel act up by trron on soundcloud – biblegrrl

Most of the TikTok videos on University of Diversity are from the same lady. Also, there are numerous videos under the trend from several TikTok users. You can find The University of Diversity page on TikTok with 535.5k followers and 8.6 million video views. For more videos from the University of Diversity, you can follow their TikTok page.

For any business inquiries, you can DM on their mailing address,

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